Trailhead for Gichi Onigaming, The Grand Portage

A wooden sign with a picture and text about the Grand Portage Trail

NPS photo / L. Morrison

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Temporary Trailhead for the Grand Portage Trail

Please note: the Depot trailhead for the Grand Portage trail is temporarily moved to the Fire Hall on Store road (see map) until mid-October.

Hiking the Historic Trail

Today's eight-and-a-half mile (13.7 kilometers) portage trail corridor can be thought of in two parts: the eastern "half" that passes through gaps and valleys to avoid the high rocky ridges and the western "half" that passes over elevated terrain to avoid steep slopes and swamps. The parking area at Old Highway 61 approximately divides the halves so hikers can choose the "exploration into history" of their choice.

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  • Hike the Grand Portage footpath from the stockade to Old Highway 61 (eight miles round trip - three to four hours)

  • Hike the Grand Portage from Old Highway 61 to Fort Charlotte (nine miles round trip - six to eight hours)

  • Hike the entire Grand Portage footpath from the stockade on Lake Superior to Fort Charlotte and back (17 miles round trip eight to 16 hours)

Grand Portage National Monument

Last updated: May 17, 2024