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Grand Canyon Conservancy's Artist in Residence program at Grand Canyon National Park offers artists the opportunity to practice and share their discipline with park visitors at one of the most beautiful sites in the world. Through impactful, site-specific, community-engaged work, the program seeks to inspire the community to deepen their knowledge of Grand Canyon National Park.

The program is tied directly to the National Park Service Interpretation and Resource Education goal of inclusive storytelling and Grand Canyon Conservancy’s mission to inspire generations of park champions to cherish and support the natural and cultural wonder of Grand Canyon.

Contemporary artists focused on site-specific community engagement, social practice, and immersive or interactive artworks are encouraged to apply. We seek a variety of voices and strategies for engaging our visitors in underrepresented stories about the park.

Annually, three artists are selected to live and work on the South Rim of Grand Canyon in Arizona. Artists in Residence stay in a private apartment overlooking the Canyon for 3-10 weeks and receive media exposure, a weekly stipend, and modest support with supply and travel costs. Additionally, residents have special access to Grand Canyon National Park, park leadership, staff expertise, on-site resources, archives, and international visitors. Alumni are often invited to participate in additional opportunities like proposal reviews, webinars, blog posts, and local exhibitions.

The Artist in Residence application period for 2025 is open from May 15 through July 15, 2024. Click here to learn how to apply.


Applicant Information

We are seeking professional artists working at a high level in their discipline who can give new insights and focus to Grand Canyon and the surrounding communities as an on-site resident artist at Grand Canyon National Park. To apply for a residency, visit Grand Canyon Conservancy's website >


2024 Residencies

Carlos Estevez

April 8 through May 31

Through a variety of visual media, Estevez will explore the multidimensional connection between nature and human existence, especially the profound symbolism of mountains and their impact on humanity. In addition, Estevez will provide a public program: "Artistic Insights: A Journey into the Creative Process," where he will share his journey as an artist with exclusive insights into his inspirations, techniques, and the transformative power of art. Hands-on creative workshops will also be provided. Learn more.

Janelle VanderKelen

June 10 through July 5

During her time in residence, VanderKelen will be working on a short 16mm experimental film focused on endemic plant growth patterns and the ways that the movement of their biogeography indicates climate change. In addition, VanderKelen will provide an artist’s talk and a screening of curated films exploring ecological agency and ethical environmentalism. Learn more.

Anne Finger

October 1 through 31
While in residence, Finger will be working on an essay-length work of creative nonfiction about John Wesley Powell, the disabled Civil War veteran and geologist who led an expedition down the Grand Canyon in 1869. Readings of her work-in-progress will be held for the public, in addition to “Writing Outside!” a writing workshop for visitors and residents amidst the splendor of Grand Canyon. Learn more.

Hai-Wen Lin

November 11 through December 15
While in residence, Lin will work in collaboration with the wind, sun, and sky to “paint with light” via photography and generate ephemeral sculptures, like hand-made kites and other wind-responsive instruments. Lin’s public programs will engage visitors in activities that inspire play and wonder, reference childhood, and encourage interconnectedness with the invisible natural forces around us. Learn more.

A woman wearing a white shirt and a large sun bonnet is playing a violin near a stone guard wall overlooking the Grand Canyon landscape.
Jazz improviser and electric violinist Terry Jenoure plays in concert with the Canyon in one of several pop-up performances during her 2023 residency.

2023 Residencies

  • Mark Chen
    Residency: January 21 through February 26, 2023
  • Julie Anand
    Residency: July 13 through August 9, 2023
a musician with long black hair in dreadlocks is playing a keyboard outside with large boulders and trees in the background.
Elijah Jamal Asani developed a collection of audio-visual works inspired by, dedicated to, and in collaboration with sites and themes throughout Grand Canyon.


2022 Residencies

"Being an Artist in Residence at Grand Canyon provided so many opportunities for my work to expand. As an avid outdoors person, the easy access to backpacking and hiking in the canyon provided continuous inspiration and material for me to collect digitally."

"The residency provided me the opportunity to slow down and consider my relationship to the landscape at a deeper level than I have previously allowed myself. I enjoyed the solitary nature of the residency, as it forced me towards an inward journey that I believe will benefit my artistic practice for years to come." —Leah Aegerter

portrait of a smiling woman with curly brown hair
During her residency, Heather L. Johnson conducted guided sketch hikes along the canyon rim and led group discussions to reflect and exchange experiences and ideas.  Photo/Wei Hong.

2021 Residencies

“This residency is an opportunity for me to dive into a place that is completely and overwhelmingly unknown to me in an intimate kind of way,” said Johnson. “I want a deeper understanding of this landscape, and I imagine I’ll walk away from this being more sensitive to the issues that affect Grand Canyon.” —Heather L. Johnson

Arc; oil painting on canvas by Paul Murray
Arc, oil on canvas by Paul Murray, North Rim Artist in Residence, September 2010

National Park Service
Artist in Residence Programs

National parks have always welcomed artistic interpretations in support of land advocacy. Thomas Moran's evocative and astounding paintings directly influenced the establishment of our first National Park (Yellowstone, 1872).

This tradition continues today with more than 40 Artist in Residence programs throughout the National Park Service system.

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