Spreading the Word on Climate Change

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Park staff are educating the next generation about climate change and living sustainably.

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Our Commitment

Education is at the heart of Golden Gate's initiatives to reduce our own and our visitors' carbon footprint. As an urban national park site, we are in a unique position to reach millions of visitors and educate the public about climate change and the need to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

It starts with Golden Gate's rangers, partners and volunteers. We are educating ourselves with relevant and accurate information so that we can help our visitors understand the threats and solutions.

Here's our commitment:

  • Develop and promote exhibits, multimedia, podcasts, events, and lectures for our park visitors, both adults and children.
  • Develop educational programs and materials to help local schools and teachers explain the urgency of climate change to students.
  • Create personal connections with the environment through interpretive park programs. Resources and materials from the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) help us select accurate and comprehensible metaphors and storytelling techniques.
  • Establish an internal and external communications channels to keep our staff, partners, volunteers and visitors equipped with the latest information. Periodic newsletters and communications will be based on the most accurate and up-to-date science (see below).
  • Actively engage underrepresented communities in education and interpretive programs on climate change, and promote environmental justice.
  • Model environmental stewardship, and offer you the opportunity to assume ownership of your environment through citizen science and volunteer opportunities.
logo for Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative

Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative

Golden Gate is a founding member of the Bay Area Climate Literacy Impact Collaborative, a consortium of over thirty environmental education institutions working in partnership to make the San Francisco Bay Area the leader in climate education and action. BayCLIC is supported by our partner The Marine Mammal Center.

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Trash Trivia

Take a quiz on the life of trash.

Trash is a big part of our society and what we do with that trash affects greenhouse gas emissions, wildlife and our quality of life.

Last updated: January 6, 2021

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