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Sustainability Newsletter Winter 2024

Photo of a berm at Crissy Field with native plants growing on it.
Native Plants Save Water at Crissy Field

GGNRA's landscape crew and volunteers are replacing turf with native plants on berms at Crissy Field, helping save water and create habitat.

Two heat pumps sit on a concrete pad outside a park building.
The Magic of Heat Pumps

GGNRA is pursuing alternatives to gas heating. Read more about heat pumps and their environmental and financial benefits.

Link to YouTube video about GGNRA's water conservation efforts use
Video: Water Wise at Golden Gate

GGNRA is taking action to conserve water, as climate change will make water availability more uncertain.


Sustainability Newsletter Winter 2023

Ferry on San Francisco Bay
Alcatraz Ferries Go Electric!

Park concessioner Alcatraz City Cruises reduces its carbon footprint with use of two plug-in electric hybrid ferries.

Electric vehicles charge at a new charger donated by Rivian at the East Crissy Field parking lot.
Public EV Chargers Get a Refresh

Partnerships with Rivian and Adopt-a-Charger help reduce CO2 emissions by making EV charging stations more accessible to visitors and staff.

Two CCNB crews stand with a recycling bin along the Crissy Field Promenade
Recycling Partnership with CCNB

The recycling partnership with Conservation Corps North Bay helps GGNRA by providing additional support for public areas recycling.

Photo of the entrance sign at Muir Woods
Carbon Footprint Reduced at Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument finds success in carbon footprint reduction by implementing shuttle and reservation system

Graph of carbon footprint between 2013 and 2021
The Road to Carbon Neutrality

The latest measure of the park's carbon footprint shows a decrease in 2021. Learn more about what we measure and our carbon-neutral goal.

Link to YouTube video about GGNRA's renewable electricity use
Video: A Renewable Future at Golden Gate

GGNRA purchases 100% renewable electricity for park buildings, helping further our carbon-reduction goals.


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Volume 6 / Summer 2019

Carbon offsetting, climate change communication trainings, native seed collection, 5th Ocean Climate Summit, and more.

Last updated: January 9, 2024

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