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At Golden Gate, one of our most imporant jobs is to protect, preserve and rehabilitate our cultural resources, including historic buildings, landscapes, archeology, artifacts and structures. Before we start any project, we conduct research to fully understand the historic significance of the resource, evaluate different alternatives to determine how a project will impact a resource, and make decisions to ensure the future of the resource.


What is Historic Preservation?

"Historic preservation" is the act or process of applying measures necessary to sustain the exiting form, integrity and materials of a historic property. For example, a preservation project can be converting a historic army barracks into an office building or re-using a historic airplane hangar as a small aviation museum. All National Park Service preservation projects must comply with national standards and guidelines. The preservation guidelines exist to ensure that careful analysis is conducted before the professionals make any physical changes to historic structures and landscapes. Because of these preservation guidelines, you should be able to walk into that new office building or aviation museum and still feel and understand how that historic building was originally used.


Last updated: July 27, 2021

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