Bear Advisory and Temporary Camping Closure for the Scidmore Cut Area

Temporary Camping Closure Map

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News Release Date: June 27, 2016

Contact: Acting Chief Ranger Wendy Bredow, 907-697-2230

Contact: Wildlife Biologist Tania Lewis, 907-697-2668

GLACIER BAY NATIONAL PARK, AK - This notice is to inform campers of a Temporary Camping Closure in the Scidmore Cut area in the West Arm of Glacier Bay beginning June 28 and ending July 15, 2015.The camping closure includes the shoreline of the Scidmore Cut (within ¼ mile of high tide) west of the high tide cut that leads to Scidmore Bay (see map). Additionally this notice is to inform campers of recent bear activity along the Scidmore Cut shoreline. 

On June 25th, a party of four cooking in the intertidal zone at the east end of Scidmore Cut beach was approached by a subadult brown bear to within 20 feet. The group yelled and made noise and the bear eventually moved away, feeding on the abundant strawberries in the area. The campers relocated to the west side of the beach near the camper drop off/pick up location to spend the night. The following morning the group of four, plus another group of two people, cooked breakfast in the intertidal area. A bear, likely the same bear from the night before, approached the group of six to 20 yards and then proceeded to investigate their unprotected pile of gear above the high tide line.The people yelled and made noise and at one point discharged bear pepper spray, although they were likely too far away to be effective. The bear tore open and rolled on a bag of camp stoves and fuel canisters and also pawed and bit a few other camping items.The bear eventually left the gear and proceeded to forage in the intertidal zone. No human food was obtained.

Glacier Bay National Park recommends that people do not camp within 1 mile of camper drop-off locations to minimize the risk of wildlife-human conflicts that may occur in places where people congregate.The park also recommends that people try to maintain control of their gear at all times to prevent damage from bears.The goal of the camping closure at the Scidmore Cut drop off location is to prevent bears from associating people with food or gear rewards by minimizing the amount of time people congregate at this location. Campers should remain extra vigilant in the vicinity of Scidmore Cut, store food and other attractants properly, and keep control of gear at all times. Campers are also reminded that bears range widely throughout the park and bear-human conflicts can occur anywhere.

Please report all bear encounters to the Visitor Information Station (VIS), and visitors are advised to contact the VIS (907-697-2627) for the most current information regarding bear incidents in the area.

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Last updated: June 27, 2016

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