Camper Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Campers standing on shore with the catamaran-style "day-boat" unloading kayaks and other gear for the campers to use.

During the summer months, kayakers/campers can arrange with Glacier Bay Lodge to be dropped off and/or picked up by the daily tour boat at two designated drop-off locations in the bay. There are two drop-offs per day, one in the West Arm and one near the entrance to the East Arm. Click the link below to view and download maps!

To minimize human impacts, the specific locations are changed regularly.

Summer 2024 Schedule:
The tour vessel does two scheduled drop-offs each day; East Arm entrance in the morning, West Arm in the afternoon. Maps are available at the link below. Check with the Visitor Information Station (907) 697-2627 for approximate pick up/drop-off times. The selected drop-off locations will change mid-July.

The locations and schedule (subject to change) are:

  • May 24 – July 15
    • Mt. Wright (East) & Scidmore (West)
  • July 16 – September 2
    • Sebree Island (East) daily, and Blue Mouse Cove (West) each day besides Tuesday, when the drop-off point will be Ptarmigan Creek (West).

Camper Drop-off and Pick-up Maps 2024

Plan your backcountry visit!

Maps depict approximate locations and the approved drop-off/pick-up schedule for the summer of 2024.

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Last updated: February 21, 2024

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