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This page is primarily for people interested in, or currently conducting business in the park. If you are interested in visiting the park, please see the section on the website for Planning Your Visit.

Welcome to Glacier Bay's Commercial Visitor Services Information Page.

Approximately, 80 companies provide a wide variety of commercial visitor services in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. These services are limited to those companies having specific authorization, usually in the form of a Concession Contract or Permit or Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) (previously called Incidental Business Permit). A brief overview of each type of commercial visitor service offered in the park and preserve can be found in links below for the specific type of business you are interested in, or currently conducting. We plan to make an increasing amount of information accessible about our program in coming years, for both national park visitors and commercial service providers.

Glacier Bay Area Visitor Services List
Please refer to the Park's Goods and Services page to see a list of businesses that provide visitor services in and around Glacier Bay. Businesses holding Concession Contracts, Commercial Use Authorizations, and Special Use Permits (marked with an asterisks on the list) are authorized by the National Park Service to provide specific commercial visitor services in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.

State of Alaska Official Travel Website.This is the state's informational page on traveling in Alaska, including links to the Alaska Business License website, State Travel Resources, Alaska Marine Highway, Alaska Fish & Game and more.

Commercial Visitor Services in Alaska Parks have specific rights and regulations provided under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, Section 1307. The Federal Register notice of regulations regarding commercial visitor services related to this section of the act are 36 CFR subpart D final regs (84KB).

National Park Service Concessions Management Improvement Act of 1998.

The Senate passed a new Park Concessions Bill, S. 1693, Public Law: 105-391 (11/13/98), also known as the "Thomas Bill", improving the management of national parks. This bill is the first major change in more than three decades in the way concessions contracts are awarded and ensures that all important future contracts will be awarded through competitive bidding, which will provide better service to the visiting public and a better return to the taxpayers. New concession regulations needed as a result of this bill are in the works.

Commercial Use Authorization

The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA), new in 2006, replaces the Incidental Business Permit (IBP). The CUA authorizes incidental commercial visitor services that begin and end outside the park. The number of businesses authorized is currently not limited. The NPS Alaska Regional Office of Concessions manages the CUA program for all the Alaska Parks.

CUA Application Form. Commercial operators interested in obtaining a CUA should complete the Commercial Use Application Form (above) and mail it to the address on the form.

CUA Application Instructions can be found on the AKRO Office of Concessions, CUA website. If you have questions relating to the application, click on the link above to see the instructions for completing the CUA. If you still have questions, please contact Brenda Coleman at the NPS Anchorage Office of Concession at (907) 644-3362.

Glacier Bay Park Specific Provisions
These provisions are applicable to those commercial activities and areas authorized on the CUA.

Special Use Permit (SUP) stipulations for Non-Profit Organizations (75 KB)

These are the stipulations that are in the SUP for Non-profit organizations providing commercial services in the park.

CUA Revocation Policy can be downloaded from the AKRO Office of Concessions, CUA website. This policy provides guidelines about suspending, restricting, or revoking Commercial Use Authorizations.


Commercial Filming Permits

For more information about commercial filming in the park and how to obtain a commercial film permit, follow the link above.


Glacier Bay Commercial Visitor Services

Listed below are the types of Commercial Visitor Services authorized in Glacier Bay. Each category includes more detailed information associated with concession contract and commercial use authorization business operations. Commercial visitor services are generally defined as any service made available for a fee or charge to persons who visit a conservation system unit, including:

Contact Concessions Specialist Melanie Berg by e-mail, or telephone (907) 697-2230 for more information.

Last updated: June 14, 2017

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