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I want to get married in Glacier National Park!
What do I need to do?

2023 Updates

Going-to-the-Sun Road by Lake McDonald
Due to construction, certain locations around Lake McDonald will not be available until June 2023, and some locations will be closed for the entire 2023 season. Please see our Wedding Locations page for additional details.

Road Construction and Project Locations
Several areas of the park are scheduled for road construction and infrastructure upgrades. There will be some delays and closures associated with these projects. Visit our Current Conditions page for specifics.

Will You and Your Wedding Party Need a Going-to-the-Sun Road Corridor Vehicle Reservation?
That depends. Special Use Permits are considered a “service reservation” under the vehicle reservation system in 2023. If your event is in the Going-to-the-Sun Road corridor, you will not need a vehicle reservation. If your event is in another area, you will need one. Please see the vehicle reservation system webpage for additional details.


Applying for a Permit

Do I Need a Permit?
Any and all vow exchanges, elopements, ceremonies, weddings, or special events, etc., require a Special Use Permit. This is regardless of the size of the group, whether or not it is “officiated,” or if papers are being signed. If you are entering the park with a photographer only to take photographs and no vow exchange, signing of documents, or union is being witnessed, then no permit is required. Please remember that “mock” ceremonies for the sake of photography are considered ceremonies under Special Use Permitting regulations and do require a permit.

Why Do I Need a Permit?
The National Park Service is required by law to protect and conserve all resources under their care including scenery, wildlife, and tranquility. As such, it is sometimes necessary to regulate or limit activities within the park to reduce strain on park resources and provide a positive experience for all visitors. Therefore, the National Park Service has the authority to require a permit for certain activities, including weddings.

Can I Get Married Anywhere in the Park?
Due to increased demand and strain on park resources, we have limited the areas for which we issue wedding permits within the park. See our Wedding Locations page for more details. You can see pictures of some of these locations on Glacier National Park’s Flickr site.

How Do I Get a Permit?
Step 1: Download a Special Use Permit application.

Step 2: Use the information found here and on the wedding location information page to fill out your application with as much detail as possible.

  • Be sure to provide exact locations and times on your permit application. Responses such as “various” or “Two Medicine” are not acceptable locations and “sunrise” or “afternoon” are not acceptable times. Be specific.

  • Be sure to include contact information for your photographer if you are using one.

  • Under “Equipment” list anything that is not on your person that you might want to bring with you. Examples include camera equipment, chairs, musical instruments, speakers, etc.

  • Be sure to include all participants in your people and vehicle counts. This should include the wedding/elopement couple, officiants, photographers/videographers, and all guests (regardless of age).

  • Be aware that only a certain amount of vehicles are allowed, depending on the total number of participants. Going over established limits listed in the permit is strictly prohibited. Permitted number of vehicles per number of participants are as follows:

    • Up to 20 participants: 4 vehicles
    • 21–60 participants: 6 vehicles
    • 61–100 participants: 10 vehicles
    • 100–250 participants: 15 vehicles

Note: If you plan on using a commercial/charter vehicle, be sure to put this information next to the number of vehicles.

Step 3: Email your completed application to We will reach out to you when we are ready to process your permit. A credit card payment will be taken at that time.

Step 4: Once your permit has been processed, we will email it to you for you to sign. Please email it back to for the final signature. Your permit is not valid until it has been signed by you and an NPS official.

Need More Information?
For more detailed information about getting married in Glacier, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and Wedding Locations pages.

Permits That Have Been Issued

No Changes to Permits
Due to the extremely high volume of applications being received by our office, we are currently unable to accommodate any changes to permits that have already been issued, except those necessary due to an unanticipated park closure. Once your permit has been issued, the details of the permit are final.

Check Status of Your Wedding Location

Park entrances/roads may be closed at any time due to weather, emergencies, congestion, or construction. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to continually check the status of the area for which a permit has been issued. If you received a permit for an area that is only accessible seasonally and it appears that the area will not be open on the requested date, you must reach out to the Office of Special Park Uses in advance to request a location change. We will do our best to accommodate location change requests, but can't guarantee them. Changes to permits must be approved in writing by an authorized official prior to the event. Changes will never be granted retroactively.

Permits are Only Valid for the Date, Time, and Location Listed
Permits are nontransferable between individuals or locations. Permits do not grant you access to closed areas or allow you to drive vehicles into areas otherwise closed to vehicle traffic. If the area for which you received a permit is inaccessible and you do not receive an approved location change directly from the Office of Special Park Uses in advance of the date on your permit, your permit is considered invalid; you may not hold your wedding inside the park at an alternate location.

Only the Office of Special Park Uses Can Approve Changes
Park employees who are not with the Office of Special Park Uses or approved by said office to make changes, cannot approve any changes. Changes must be approved by the Office of Special Park Uses to avoid potential scheduling conflicts with other permitted events throughout the park.

Hiking or Biking to Your Event
Please be aware that many areas of the park are still accessible to hikers and/or bikers during times when they are closed to vehicles. An area closed to vehicles does not necessarily mean it is inaccessible for your event, or that your permit is invalid. Unless there is another closure prohibiting you from accessing the area, you may hike to your permitted site during seasonal vehicle closures; your permit will remain valid.


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