Shifting Seasons

September 17, 2016 Posted by: Ranger Michael

Most of us fortunate enough to visit Glacier do so during the summer months; a time when trails are clear, berries are blooming, and bears frolic in fields of wildflowers. With all of those opportunities, it can get quite busy! Anyone who has tried to find parking at Logan Pass Visitor Center can attest to that. But with August behind us, the park sees fewer and fewer people. We go back to school, we go back to work, or we go somewhere warmer...

While we remember Glacier with its summer weather, the seasons here are always on the move. As we leave the mountains behind, winter is hot on our heels. Just this week Going-to-the-Sun Road was partially closed around Logan Pass due to snow!

That may mean summer has come to an end for most travelers, but that does not mean the end of adventure in this place. As winter approaches, fall colors are arriving in force. Skiers are readying their gear in anticipation, and much our wildlife is preparing to hunker down.

Many of the rangers are preparing to head to a winter park, like the Everglades. Some of us, like myself, are headed back to school. But I think I can speak for all of us when I say thank you. Thank you to all of the people who explored, enriched, and supported Glacier National Park this year. Thank you to everyone who made our job worthwhile, and who bring such a livelihood to our park.

Lastly, as we wait for winter, I wish the best to any who plan to visit us between summers!

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"I'm planning to visit this winter, where should I look to help plan my trip?"  

Whether you're looking to plan a trip this fall or a trip this winter, these pages on our website will help.

Happy trails!

Ranger Michael

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