Order of Battle Fredericksburg Union Right Grand Division

Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862
Right Grand Division:

Major General Edwin (Bull) Sumner

Second Army Corps:
Major General Darius Couch

First Division:
Brigadier General Winfield Scott Hancock

First Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General John Caldwell (w)
(2.) Colonel George von Schack (w)

5th New Hampshire:
Col. Edward E. Cross
Maj. E. E. Sturtevant
Capt. James E. Larkin
Capt. Horace T. H. Pierce
7th New York:
Col. George von Schack
Capt. G. A. von Bransen
61st New York:
Col. Nelson A. Miles
64th New York:
Lieut. Col. Enos C. Brooks
81st Pennsylvania:
Col. H. Boyd McKeen
Capt. William Wilson
145th Pennsylvania:
Col. Hiram L. Brown
Lieut. Col. David B. McCreary

Second Brigade: (Irish Brigade)
Brigadier General Thomas Meagher

28th Massachusetts:
Col. Richard Byrnes
63rd New York:
Lieut. Col. Richard C. Bentley
Maj. Joseph O'Neill
Capt. Patrick J. Condon
69th New York:
Col. Robert Nugent
Capt. James Saunders
88th New York:
Col. Patrick Kelly
116th Pennsylvania:
Col. Dennis Heenan
Lieut. Col. St. Clair Mulholland
Lieut. Francis Quinlan

Third Brigade:
Colonel Samuel Zook

27th Connecticut:
Col. Richard Bostwick
2nd Delaware:
Col. William Baily
52nd New York:
Col. Paul Frank
57th New York:
Lieut. Col. Alford B. Chapman
Maj. N. Garrow Throop
Capt. James W. Britt
66th New York:
Lieut. Col. James H. Bull
Capt. Julius Wehle
Capt. John S. Hammell
Lieut. James G. Derrickson
53nd Pennsylvania:
Col. John Brooke

Divisional Artillery

1st New York Light, Battery B:
Capt. Rufus Pettit
4th United States, Battery C:
Lieut. Evan Thomas

Second Division:
Brigadier General Oliver Otis Howard

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Sully (w)

19th Maine:
Col. Frederick D. Sewall
Lieut. Col. Francis E. Heath
15th Massachusetts:
Maj. Chase Philbrick
Capt. John Murkland
Capt. Charles H. Watson
1st Minnesota:
Col. George N. Morgan
Minnesota Sharpshooters, 2d Company:
Capt. William F. Russell
34th New York:
Col. James A. Sutter
82nd New York (2d Militia):
Lieut. Col. James Huston
Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company:
Capt. William Plumer

Second Brigade: (Philadelphia Brigade)
Colonel Joshua Owen

69th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Dennis O'Kane
71st Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. John Markoe
72nd Pennsylvania:
Col. DeWitt Baxter
106th Pennsylvania:
Col. Turner Morehead

Third Brigade:
(1.) Colonel Norman Hall
(2.) Colonel William Lee

19th Massachusetts:
Capt. H. G. O. Weymonth
20th Massachusetts
Capt. George Macy
7th Michigan:
Lieut. Col. Henry Baxter
Maj. Thomas Hunt
42nd New York:
Lt. Col. George N. Bomford
59th New York:
Lieut. Col. William Northedge
127th Pennsylvania:
Cal. William W. Jennings

Divisional Artillery:

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery A:
Capt. William A. Arnold
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery B:
Capt. John Hazard

Third Division:
Brigadier General William (Blinky) French

First Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Nathan Kimball (w)
(2) Colonel John Mason

14th Indiana:
Maj. Elijah H. C. Cavins
24th New Jersey:
Col. Wm. B. Robertson
28th New Jersey:
Col. M. N. Wisewell
Lieut. Col. E. A. L. Roberts
4th Ohio:
Col. John Mason
Lieut. Col. James Godman
Capt. Gordon A. Stewart
8th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer
7th West Virginia:
Col. Joseph Snider
Lieut.Col Jonathan Lockwood.

Second Brigade
Colonel Oliver Palmer

14th Connecticut:
Lieut. Col. Sanford H. Perkins
Capt. Samuel H. Davis
108th New York:
Lieut. Col. Charles J. Powers
130th Pennsylvania:
Col. Henry I. Zinn (k)
Capt. William M. Porter

Third Brigade:
(1.) Colonel John W. Andrews (w)
(2.) Lieut. Col. William Jameson
(3.) Lieut. Col. John Marshall

1st Delaware:
Maj. Thomas Smyth
4th New York:
Col. John D. MacGregor
Lieut. Col. William Jameson
Maj. Charles W. Kruger
10th New York:
Col. John E. Bendix
Capt. Salmon Winchester
Capt. George F. Hopper
132nd Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Charles Albright

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light, Battery G:
Capt. John D. Frank
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery G:
Capt. Charles D. Owen

Second Corps Artillery Reserve:
Captain Charles Morgan

1st United States, Battery I:
Lieut. Edmund Kirby
4th United States, Battery A:
Lieut. Rufus King Jr

Ninth Army Corps
Brigadier General Orlando Willcox

Headquarters Escort:

6th New York Cavalry, Company B:
Capt. Hillman A. Hall
6th New York Cavalry, Company C:
Capt. William L. Heermance

First Division:
Brigadier General William Burns

First Brigade:
Colonel Orland Poe

2nd Michigan:
Lieut. Col. Louis Dillman
17th Michigan:
Col. William H. Withington
20th Michigan:
Col. Adolphus W. Williams
79th New York (Highlanders):
Lt. Col. David Morrison

Second Brigade:
Colonel Benjamin Christ.

29th Massachusetts:
Lieut. Col. Joseph H. Barnes
8th Michigan:
Maj. Ralph Ely
27th New Jersey:
Col. George W. Mindil
46th New York:
Lieut.Col Joseph Gerhardt
50th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Thomas S. Bronholtz

Third Brigade:
Colonel Daniel Leasure

36th Massachusetts:
Col. Henry Bowman
45th Pennsylvania:
Col. Thomas Welsh
100th Pennsylvania (Roundheads):
Lieut. Col. David Leckey

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light, Battery D,
Capt. Thomas W. Osborn
3rd United States, Batteries L and M,
Lieut. Horace J. Hayden

Second Division
Brigadier General Samuel Sturgis

First Brigade
Brigadier General James Nagle

2nd Maryland:
Col. Thomas Allard
6th New Hampshire:
Col. Simon Griffin
9th New Hampshire:
Lieut. Col. John W. Babbitt
48th Pennsylvania:
Col. Joshua Sigfried
7th Rhode Island:
Col. Zenas Bliss
12th Rhode Island:
Col. George Browne

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Ferrero

21st Massachusetts:
Col. William Clark
35th Massachusetts:
Maj. Sidney Willard
Capt. Stephen Andrews
11th New Hampshire:
Col. Walter Harriman
51st Now York:
Col. Robert Potter
51st Pennsylvania:
Col. John Hartranft

Divisional Artillery:

2nd New York Light, Battery L:
Capt. Jacob Roomer
Pennsylvania Light, Battery D:
Capt. George Durell
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery D:
Capt. William Buckley
4th United States, Battery E:
Lieut. George Dickenson
Lieut. John Egan

Third Division
Brigadier General George Getty

First Brigade:
Colonel Rush Hawkins

10th New Hampshire:
Col. Michael Donohoe
13th New Hampshire:
Col. Aaron Stevens
25th New Jersey:
Col. Andrew Derrom
9th New York (Hawkin's Zouaves):
Lt. Col. Edgar Kimball
89th New York,
Col.Harrison S. Fairchild.
103rd New York:
Col. Benjamin Ringold

Second Brigade:
Colonel Edward Harland

8th Connecticut:
Maj. John Ward
Capt. Henry Hoyt
11th Connecticut:
Col. G. A. Stedman Jr
15th Connecticut:
Lieut. Col. S. Tolles
16th Connecticut:
Capt. C. L. Upham
21st Connecticut:
Col. Arthur Dutton
4th Rhode Island:
Lieut. Col. Joseph Curtis
Maj. Martin Buffum

Divisional Artillery:

2nd United States, Battery E:
Lieut. Samuel N. Benjamin
5th United States, Battery A:
Lieut. James Gillies

Union High Command.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

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