Order of Battle Fredericksburg Left Grand Division

Order of Battle: Fredericksburg, December 11-15 1862

Left Grand Division:
Major General William Franklin

Headquarters Escort:

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Col. Richard Rush

First Army Corps:
Major General John Reynolds

Headquarters Escort:

1st Maine Cavalry, Company L:
Capt. Constantine Taylor

First Division
Brigadier General Abner Doubleday

First Brigade:
Colonel Walter Phelps Jr

22nd New York:
Lieut. Col. John McKie Jr
24th New York:
Lieut. Col. Samuel Beardsley
30th New York:
Lieut. Col. Morgan H. Chrysler
84th New York (14th Militia):
Lieut. Col. William de Bevoise
2nd United States Sharpshooters:
Maj. Homer Stoughton

Second Brigade:
Colonel James Gavin

7th Indiana:
Lieut. Col. John Cheek
76th New York:
Col. William P. Wainwright.
95th New York:
Col. George Biddle
56th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. J. William Hofmann

Third Brigade:
Colonel William Rogers

21st New York:
Capt. George Layton
23nd New York:
Col. Henry C. Hoffman
35th New York:
Col.Newton Lord
80th New York (20th Militia):
Lieut. Col. Jacob Hardenbergh

Fourth Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Solomon (Long Sol) Meredith
(2.) Colonel Lysader Cutler

19th Indiana:
Lieut. Col. Samuel Williams
24th Michigan:
Col. Henry Morrow
2nd Wisconsin:
Col. Lucius Fairchild
6th Wisconsin:
Col. Lysander Cutler
Lieut. Col. Edward Bragg
7th Wisconsin:
Col. William Robinson

Divisional Artillery:
(1.) Captain George Gerrish
(2.) Captain John Reynolds

New Hampshire Light, 1st Battery:
Lieut. Frederick M. Edgell
1st New York Light, Battery L:
Capt. John A. Reynolds
4th United States, Battery B:
Lieut. James Stewart

Second Division:
(1.) Brigadier General John Gibbon (w)
(2.) Brigadier General Nelson Taylor

First Brigade:
Colonel Adrian Root

16th Maine:
Lieut. Col. Charles W. Tilden
94th New York:
Maj. John Kress
104th New York:
Maj. Gilbert Prey
105th New York:
Maj. Daniel Sharp
Capt. Abraham Moore
107th Pennsylvania:
Col. Thomas McCoy

Second Brigade:
Colonel Peter Lyle

12th Massachusetts:
Col. James Bates
26th New York:
Lieut. Col. Gilbert Jennings
Maj. Ezra F. Wetmore
90th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. William Leech
136th Pennsylvania:
Col. Thomas Bayne

Third Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Nelson Taylor
(2.) Colonel Samuel Leonard

13th Massachusetts:
Col. Samuel H. Leonard
Lieut. Col. N. Walter Batchelder
83rd New York (9th Militia):
Capt. John Hendrickson
Capt. Joseph A. Moesch
Lieut. Isaac E. Hoagland
Lieut. Henry P. Claire
97th New York:
Col. Charles Wheelock
11th Pennsylvania:
Col. Richard Coulter
Capt. Christian Kuhn
88th Pennsylvania:
Maj. David A. Griffith

Divisional Artillery:
Captain George Leppein

Maine Light, 2nd Battery:
Capt. James A. Hall
Maine Light, 5th Battery:
Capt. George F. Leppien
Pennsylvania Light, Battery C:
Capt. James Thompson
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery F:
Lieut. R. Bruce Ricketts

Third Division:
Major General George Meade

First Brigade:
(1.) Colonel William Sinclair
(2.) Colonel William McCandless

1st Pennsylvania Reserves:
Capt. William Talley
2nd Pennsylvania Reserves:
Col. William McCandless
Capt. Timothy Mealey
6th Pennsvlvania Reserves:
Maj. Wellington Ent
13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles):
Capt. Charles F. Taylor
121st Pennsylvania:
Col. Chapman Biddle

Second Brigade:
Colonel Albert Magilton

3rd Pennsylvania Reserves:
Col. Horatio Sickel
4th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Lieut. Col. Richard Woolworth
7th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Col. Henry Bolinger
8th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Maj. Silas Baily
142nd Pennsylvania:
Col. Robert Cummins

Third Brigade.
(1.) Brigaier General Conrad Feger Jackson (k)
(2.) Colonel Joseph Fisher
(3.) Lieut. Col. Robert Anderson

5th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Col. Joseph Fisher
Lieut. Col. George Dare
9th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Lieut. Col. Robert Anderson
Maj. James McK. Snodgrass
10th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Maj. James B. Knox
11th Pennsylvania Resorves:
Lieut. Col. Samuel M. Jackson
12th Pennsylvania Reserves:
Capt. Richard Gustin

Divisional Artillery

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery A:
Lieut. John Simpson
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B:
Capt. James Cooper
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery G:
Capt. Frank Amsden
5th United States, Battery C:
Capt. Dunbar Ransom

Sixth Army Corps:
Major General William (Baldy) Smith

Headquarters Escort:

10th New York Cavalry, Company L:
Lieut. George Vanderbilt
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company I:
Capt. James Starr
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K:
Capt. Frederick C. Newhall

First Division:
Brigadier General William T.H. Brooks

First Brigade:
Colonel Alfred Torbert

1st New Jersey:
Lieut. Col. Mark Collet
2nd New Jersey:
Col. Samuel Buck
3rd New Jersey:
Col. Henry Brown
4th New Jersey:
Col. William Hatch
Lieut. Col. James Duffy
15th New Jersey:
Lieut. Col. Edward Campbell
23rd New Jersey:
Col. Henry Ryerson

Second Brigade:
Colonel Henry Cake

5th Maine:
Col. Edward Scammon
16th New York:
Col. Joel Seaver
27th New York:
Col. Alex Adams
121st New York:
Col. Emory Upton
96th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Peter A. Filbert

Third Brgade:
Brigadier General David Russell

18th New York:
Col. George Myers
31st New York:
Lieut. Col. Leopold Newman
32rd New York:
Col. Francis E. Pinto
95th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Elisha Hall

Divisional Artillery:

Maryland Light, Battery A:
Capt. John Wolcott
Massachusetts Light, 1st Battery (A):
Capt. William McCarthey
New Jersey Light, 1st Battery:
Capt. William Hexamer
2nd United States, Battery D:
Lieut. Edward Williston

Second Division:
Brigadier General Albion Howe

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Calvin Pratt

6th Maine:
Col. Hiram Burnham
43d New York:
Col. Benjamin F. Baker
49th Pennsylvania:
Col. William Irwin
119th Pennsylvania:
Col. Peter Ellmaker
5th Wisconsin:
Col. Amasa Cobb

Second Brigade:
Colonel Henry Whiting

26th New Jersey:
Col. Andrew J. Morrison
2nd Vermont:
Lieut. Col. Charles Joyce
3rd Vermont:
Col. Breed Hyde
4th Vermont:
Col. Charles Stoughton
5th Vermont:
Col. Lewis Grant
6th Vermont:
Col. Nathan Lord Jr

Third Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Francis Vinton
(2.) Colonel Robert Taylor
(3.) Brigadier General Thomas Neil

21st New Jersey:
Col. Gilliam van Houten
20th New York:
Col. Ernst von Vegesack
33rd New York:
Col. Robert, F. Taylor
49th New York:
Col. Daniel Bidwell
77th New York:
Lieut. Col. Winsor French

Divisional Artillery:

Maryland Light, Battery B:
Capt. Alonzo Snow
New York Light, 1st Battery:
Capt. Andrew Cowan
New York Light, 3rd Battery:
Lieut. William A. Harn
5th United 8tates, Battery F:
Lieut. Leonard Martin

Third Division:
Brigadier General John Newton

First Brigade:
Brigadier General John Cochrane

65th New York:
Col. Alexander Shaler
67th Now York:
Col. Nelson Cross
122nd New York:
Col. Silas Titus
23rd Pennsylvania:
Maj. John F. Glenn
61st Pennsylvania:
Col. George Spear
82nd Pennsylvania:
Col. David Williams

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Charles Devens Jr

7th Massachusetts:
Lieut. Col. Franklin Harlow
10th Massachusetts:
Col. Henry Eustis
37th Massachusetts:
Col. Oliver Edwards
36th New York:
Col William Browne
2nd Rhode Island:
Col. Frank Wheaton
Lieut. Col. Nelson Viall

Third Brigade:
(1.) Colonel Thomas Rowley
(2.) Brigadier General Frank Wheaton

62nd New York:
Maj. Wilson Hubbell
93rd Pennsylvania:
Maj. John Mark
98th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Adolph Mehler
102nd Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Joseph Kinkead
139th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. James Owens

Divisional Artillery:

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery C:
Capt. Jeremiah McCarthy
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery D:
Capt. Michael Hall
2nd United States, Battery G:
Lieut. John Buffer

Union High Command.
Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

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