Order of Battle Fredericksburg Union Cavalry

Order of Battle Fredericksburg December 11-15 1862

Cavalry Attached to Right Grand Division:

Cavalry Division
Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton

First Brigade:
Brigadier General John Farnsworth

8th Illinois:
Col. William Gamble
3rd Indiana:
Maj. George H. Chapman
8th New York:
Col. Benjamin F. (Grimes) Davis

Second Brigade:
(1.) Colonel David McM. Gregg
(2.) Colonel Thomas Devin

6th New York Cavalry:
Col. Thomas C. Devin
Lieut. Col. Duncan McVicar
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Lieut. Col. Amos Griffiths
6th United States Cavalry:
Capt. George Cram

Horse Artillery:

2nd United States, Battery M:
Lieut. Alexander C. M. Pennington Jr

Cavalry Attached to the Center Grand Division:


1st Massachusetts Cavalry:
Col. Horace Sargent.
3d Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Lieut. Col. Edward S. Jones
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Col. James Kerr
5th United States Cavalry:
Capt. James E. Harrison

Horse Artillery:

2nd United States, Batteries B and L:
Capt. James M. Robertson.

Cavalry Attached to the Left Grand Division:

(1.) Brigadier General George Bayard(k)
(2.) Colonel David McM. Gregg

District of Columbia, Independent Company of Cavalry:
Lieut. William H. Orten
1st Maine Cavalry:
Lieut. Col. Calvin S. Douty
1st New Jersey Cavalry:
Lieut. Col Joseph Kargé
2nd New York Cavalry:
Maj. Henry E. Davies
10th New York Cavalry:
Lieut. Col. William Irvine
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Col. Owen Jones

Horse Artillery:

3rd United States Battery C:
Capt. Horatio Gibson

Union High Command.
Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.

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