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Reenactors handling weapons

Guidelines for safety during weapon demonstrations:

  • Approach and leave the demonstration area carrying the weapon in a safe and military fashion.
  • Have all the equipment needed for the demonstration and do not encumber yourself with superfluous equipment.
  • Visitors are kept at a safe distance but can see and hear without shoving.
  • Weapon is always pointed down range and never towards a visitor or other individual.
  • At no time are there any parts of the demonstrator's body placed in a hazardous position in relation to the weapon.
  • In the event of a misfire, wait ten seconds before attempting to reprime.
  • Treat every weapon with the respect due a loaded gun. Avoid all horseplay with a firearm.

The information on this page came from the NPS Blackpowder Manual.

Soldier shouldering firearm
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