Virtually Experience Florissant Fossil Beds

Artwork depicting ancient lake Florissant
Artwork depicting ancient Lake Florissant

NPS/Courtesy of Karen Carr

Not able to visit the park in person? Here are some fun ways to virtually experience the park:


You can always see what's happening at Florissant Fossil Beds on the Monument's webcam.


Follow a Fossil is a short video that takes you into the field with researches to an excavation site and then into the lab to discover how paleontologists do their work and why it is important.

Virtual Tours

Take virtual tours of an outdoor exhibit area that features some of the largest petrified redwood tree stumps (by diameter) in the world, the 1878 Hornbek Homestead or the Paleontology lab at Florissant Fossil Beds.

Social Media

You can keep up with the Monument on it's Facebook or Twitter page.

Activities for Kids (or former kids)

Earn your Virtual Junior Ranger Badge and/or Virtual Night Sky Junior Ranger Badge online.

Download a Florissant Fossil Beds Junior Ranger book and/or a Junior Paleontologist Activity Book.

Listen to some Junior Ranger Music about a variety of National Park areas and/or some hip hop music about Florissant Fossil Beds.

Take a relaxing Guided Imagination Trip and become an ancient lake!

Take the First Great National Park Fossil Quiz.

Draw your own Big Stump Face Art Activity.

The National Park Service also has a lot of virtual and online activities for kids at this link.

View Fossils and Fossil Collections:

You can see a lot of great images of fossils on the IDig Paleo website. There are also some galleries of images to look at on our Photogallery page and in the paleontology section of our website.

Take a 3 dimensional interactive look at the world's only known petrified trio of redwood trees.

Last updated: November 19, 2022

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