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Friends & Political Associates

  • A woman in a dark dress seated outdoors with a book.

    Nancy Cook

    Designer, suffragist, and political organizer.

  • A woman in overalls seated outdoors with a book.

    Marion Dickerman

    Progressive activist, educator and political organizer.

  • A woman wearing a dark dress with lace bow tie.

    Malvina Thompson

    Eleanor Roosevelt's friend and personal secretary.

  • A man in a dark suit holding a cigarette.

    Louis Howe

    FDR's top political adviser, Howe lived in the White House, always available to both Franklin and Eleanor.

  • A man wearing a jacket and ascot with a pipe in his mouth.

    Earl Miller

    A State Trooper, Earl Miller was assigned to protect Eleanor Roosevelt and became a lifelong friend.

  • A head and shoulders portrait of a woman.

    Lorena Hickok

    A distinguished newspaper woman in the early 1930s, Hick was a model of success in a field dominated by men.

  • A man in a dark suit seated behind a desk with papers.

    Henry Morgenthau Jr

    U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR.

  • A profile portrait of a man wearing a suit.

    David Gurewitsch

    First medical director of the United Nations, Gurewitsch became one of the most important figures in the latter part of Eleanor's life.

  • A seated woman wearing a dress and dark hat.

    Esther Lape

    Esther Lape was well known as a journalist, researcher, and publicist.

  • A woman wearing a jacket and blouse.

    Mary Dewson

    Dewson was an influential organizer in the Democratic Party and national politics.

  • A man wearing a light suit with tie.

    Harry Hopkins

    Hopkins' friendship with the Roosevelts had significant impact on New Deal policy.

  • A woman wearing dark dress.

    Frances Perkins

    Secretary of the Department of Labor, Perkins was the first woman to hold a cabinet position.

  • A woman wearing a dark dress.

    Rose Schneiderman

    Union organizer, suffrage campaigner, labor law reformer, and socialist activist.

  • A woman in a dark dress and hat.

    Caroline O'Day

    Eleanor's friend Caroline O’Day served four terms as congresswoman at large from New York.

  • A portrait photograph of Pauli Murray seated at a desk with pen in her hand.

    Pauli Murray

    Legal Theorist, Activist, and Minister


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