Monument Regulations

You can help preserve the monument's unique features and landscapes by knowing and following these basic regulations. Additional regulations apply for trips into the backcountry, on the rivers, or with horses & pack animals. More regulations, such as the Superintendent's Compendium of Regulations, can be found on the Laws & Policies page.


Wood fires are allowed at developed campgrounds and picnic sites where fire rings and grills are provided. Open wood fires in all designated vehicle campgrounds, picnic areas, and any other developed area are restricted to permanent monument-installed metal fire rings or grills. Visitors may use portable gas or charcoal grills. Charcoal must be cooled and safely disposed of in an appropriate ash receptacle.

Open wood campfires are permitted in the monument backcountry except for the following locations:
  • Jones Hole Creek Canyon including the designated Ely Creek campsites
  • Upper Pool Creek Canyon
  • Lower Sand Canyon
  • Pats Draw
  • The inner canyons of the Green and Yampa Rivers that are not part of designated river campsites. River trips must use a fire pan and remove all fire debris from the backcountry. A fire pan of appropriate size on a fireproof tarp or blanket of sufficient size to catch coals and ashes around the pan. The fire pan must be elevated at least 3 inches off the ground.
  • Within 1 mile of developed campgrounds and day-use areas.

Wood Gathering

Wood may not be gathered in developed campgrounds and picnic sites. Gathering firewood that is dead, down, or live is always prohibited along both rivers, except that driftwood may be collected for campfire use on the entire length of the Yampa River and on the Green River below Echo Park for campfire use.
With the implementation of hazard tree mitigation projects at backcountry river campsites such as Limestone and Jones Hole and ongoing fuel reduction projects at Echo Park, the public may use available cut and stacked wood already placed at these locations.

Cultural Resources

Disturbing, entering or camping within 100 yards (300 feet) of an archeological or historical site is prohibited. Collecting artifacts is prohibited. Learn how to be a good visitor at archeological sites.


It is the responsibility of visitors to understand and comply with all applicable Federal, state and local firearms laws and regulations, including laws authorizing or prohibiting concealed carry, before entering a national park. Some parks are located in more than one state or locality which means that the applicable laws may change depending upon where you are located within a park area. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering this park. Using firearms is prohibited in the park. Federal law also prohibits firearms in federal facilities. Read more about firearms regulations in national parks at Firearms in National Parks (U.S. National Park Service) (

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting is prohibited in Dinosaur National Monument. The discharging of firearms is prohibited. Fishing is allowed. Visitors who fish in the monument must have a valid Colorado or/and Utah State Fishing License depending on location and must comply with the appropriate State Fishing Regulations.

Motor Vehicles

All vehicles must remain on designated roads and be operated by a licensed driver.

Natural Resources

Disturbing or collecting natural features (plants, rocks, antlers, fossils, etc.) is prohibited.

Off-Highway Vehicles

The use of off-highway vehicles (ATVs, OHV, UTVs, etc.) is not allowed in Dinosaur National Monument. There are many roads for these types of vehicles located on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service. Find more information on the Visit Dinosaurland and Visit Moffat County websites.


Permits are required for all overnight trips in the backcountry. Some activities like weddings, commercial filming, may require permits. Read more about the permits you may need before your visit.

Motorboats and Personal Watercraft

Motorboats and personal watercraft (e.g. Jet Skis) are not permitted on the rivers in Dinosaur National Monument.


Activities with pets are very limited in the monument. Pets may accompany visitors in the developed campgrounds and on paved scenic drives but must always be leashed when outside a vehicle. Pets are allowed on only specific hiking trails. Read more about visiting Dinosaur with pets.

Portable Toilets

Dinosaur requires all river runners to carry out their solid human waste. The park requires the use of washable, reusable toilet systems or the type of system that uses dry chemicals and enzymes to render solid human waste into nonhazardous products acceptable for disposal in permitted landfills. Toilet systems must be designed to contain human waste in such a fashion as to provide for secure containment and adequate storage.

Rock Scratches = Graffiti

Graffiti including scratching on rocks is prohibited by law in Dinosaur. Please join us in protecting the monument by not leaving your mark. If you discover graffiti in the park, please let a ranger know. Otherwise, make memories, take pictures, but leave no visible trace of your visit.

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)

The use of unmanned aircraft is prohibited to protect public safety, minimize visitor-use conflicts, and prevent unacceptable impacts to scenic values, natural soundscapes, and wildlife.

Last updated: February 18, 2022

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