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This address is for the Quarry Visitor Center which is the primary destimnation for many visitors to Dinosaur National Monument. Please note that if you search Dinosaur National Monument on many map programs, they will send you to either Monument Headquarters in Dinosaur, Colorado or the geographic center of the monument near Echo Park.

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Dinosaur National Monument has two visitor centers. The Quarry Visitor Center on the Utah side of the monument is the starting point to see dinosaur fossils. The Cnayon Visitor Center in the Colorado portion of the monument is the gateway to the canyon country.

One Monument in Two States

Dinosaur National Monument is spread over 210,000 acres along the Colorado and Utah border. Each part of the monument offers different experiences and things to see.

Dinosaur Fossils

If you want to see Dinosaur Fossils, the Utah side of the monument is where you will want to go. Utah State Highway 149 takes visitors from US Highway 40 in Jensen, Utah into the monument and to the Quarry Visitor Center. Depending on the season, you may either drive to the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall or in summer, a shuttle bus will take you.

Canyons and Rivers

If you desire is to see some of the spectacular canyon country scenery, the Colorado side is the place for you. The Harpers Corner Road is a 32 mile scenic drive that includes overlooks of the Yampa and Green rivers. The short Harpers Corner Trail at the road's end is a must to get the most dramatic views. For those with a high clearance vehicle, The drive to Echo Park will take you into the depths of the river canyons.

More Information

See the links at left or below to learn more about operating hours, fees & passes, current conditions, permits & reservations, and traveling with pets. Proper planning and preparation will help ensure you have an enjoyable visit and get the most out of your time at Dinosaur National Monument. It can take over four hours to drive from the Quarry Visitor Center in the Utah portion of the monument to the Gates of Lodore area located on the north end of the monument in Colorado. Remember that the nearest fuel, lodging, and other services may be over an hour drive from various points in the monument.

Operating Hours & Seasons
Visit the operating hours & seasons page to learn the hours of monument visitor center and the Quarry Exhibit Hall

Fees & Passes
How much does it cost to visit Dinosaur National Monument? Visit the fees & passes page to learn about entrance fees, various passes that are available and camping fees.

Current Conditions
Visit the current conditions page to find out about the status of any monument roads or trails.

Summers can be very hot and winters bitter cold. Check out the weather page for links to a current forecast and average temperatures throughout the year.

Your safety is our number one priority. Visit the safety page for important information.

While your pet is welcome in the monument, pets are not allowed on most trails, in the monument's backcountry, or in public buildings. Due to the hot summer temperatures, do not planning on leaving pets in a vehicle for any amount of time. See our pets page for more information on visiting with your pet.

Last updated: January 31, 2020

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