A map of the park highighting the McDade Trail.
The McDade Recreational Trail is 31 miles long. Make sure to wear all proper safety attire while biking in the park.


Let's Ride!

Biking Information

Cycling is a popular form of recreation in the park. Cyclists are welcome to share the hundreds of miles of roads within the park, or utilize the McDade Recreational Trail.

The McDade Recreational Trail (MRT) is a gravel path that parallels the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side of the park. Parking areas for the McDade Recreational Trail can be found along River Road and Route 209.

Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes)

According to the Superintendent's Compendium of Park Regulations, electric bikes, or E-Bikes are authorized for use in the park. Per the compendium, On September 22, 2021, the Superintendent designated park roads and parking areas that are open to motor vehicle use by the public and the McDade Recreational Trail as open to electric bicycles using the discretionary authority given to the Superintendent under 36 FAR 4.30(i). Allowing electric bicycles on public roads and in parking areas and on the McDade Recreational Trail will create new opportunities for recreation and access within the park. It will not create any adverse impacts to park visitors, resources, or values due to the existing use of these locations by motor vehicles and bicycles. This action is covered by the categorical exclusion 3.3. D.3 in the NPS NEPA Handbook.

E-Bikes are permitted on the McDade Recreational Trail, but with a speed restriction of 15 miles per hour.

See Compendium Appendix A, on page 30, for the list of authorized roads for Cycling and E-Biking.

Visit the McDade Recreational Trail page for detailed trail information

Bike Rentals/Tours

Edge of the Woods Outdoor Outfitters
110 Main Street
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

A man, wearing a helmet, bicycles on the McDade Trail.
The McDade Recreational Trail is great for hiking and biking!

NPS/C. Minnich

Bike Shuttle Information

Did you know we have a park partner that operates a shuttle service that runs on weekends all summer? Our parking fills quickly during the summer. It's never fun to drive a couple hours to find parking lots full. Here, we have a great option for visitors looking to transit in the park. It's called the Pocono Pony. Operated by the Monroe County Transit Authority, the Pocono Pony River Runner and Hiker Shuttles are a great way to get you and your bike to sites all along the Pennsylvania side of the park.

While we have plenty of riding opportunities on the New Jersey side of the park, we do not have a shuttle the runs in this area.

Shuttle Riding Tips

The parking areas on the southern end of the park fill up the fastest. Because of this, we have the following recommendations for summer biking visits:

  • Select a parking area in the north end of the park and ride south
  • Use the MCTA's Pocono Pony shuttle service to return north if tired
  • Download a copy of the NPS App before your visit to receive up to date weather and safety information, road closures, and park maps.
  • Let a friend or family member know the route you plan to take during your visit
  • Call the park with any questions prior to your visit at: 570-426-2452



Spring: Temperatures usually range from lows of 26 F to highs of 80 F with average rainfall of 5 inches. Summer: Temperatures usually range from lows of 55 F to highs of 85 F with average rainfall of 4 inches. Fall: Temperatures usually range from lows of 30 F to highs of 83F. Fall foliage is at its peak sometime in October as daily mountain temperatures vary frequently and influence the change. Winter: Temperatures usually range from lows of 15 F to highs of 49 F.

Last updated: October 23, 2022

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