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Visitor Center and Interpretive Activities

Devils Tower framed through a white sculpture representing a smoke ring
Devils Tower is visible through the Circle of Sacred Smoke Sculpture


The park website lists the operating hours for the visitor center and Devils Tower Natural History Association bookstore. Interpretive exhibits in the visitor center explain the natural and cultural history of the park.

Ranger Programs

Ranger programs are offered during the park's summer season, generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day (late May to early September). Programs may be delivered by park staff or special guest speakers, and cover topics related to the natural and cultural history of the monument. Check the Event Calendar or the Ranger Led Activities section for details on interpretive programs.

Programs often include guided walks along the Tower Trail, short talks outside the visitor center, and evening programs at the campground amphitheater.


Hiking at the Tower is a popular way to experience the park, but several of our travels are lightly traveled. The always popular Tower Trail is a paved, 1.3-mile loop around the base of the formation, while other trails offer a more secluded and traditional hiking experience. The hiking page of our website provides more details about the park's trails.

Circle of Sacred Smoke Sculpture

Located near the picnic area, the Circle of Sacred Smoke, by sculptor Junkyu Muto, honors the American people as a gesture of world peace. The sculpture is designed to help raise visitor awareness of the importance of Devils Tower to over twenty affiliated tribes. The sculpture, one in a planned series of seven, represents the first puff of smoke from a newly lit pipe and placed to frame the Tower when viewed from its location across from the picnic area.

Rock Climbing

Technical rock climbing is allowed in the monument. All persons planning to climb or scramble above the boulder field are required to register before their climb and check in when they return. Climbing permits are available at the kiosk in the parking area or at the visitor center.

The Climbing Management Plan, implemented in 1995, manages Devils Tower National Monument as both a natural and cultural resource. To the Northern Plains Indians, the Tower is a sacred site. In deference to American Indian views, there is a voluntary climbing closure during the month of June.

At certain times of the year (notably in the spring), some climbing routes may be closed. It is a climber's responsibility to know and comply by all climbing regulations. Find out more information about climbing from the park's website.

More Things to Do

The Summer Cultural Program brings speakers and performers from the area to the park to present programs with tribal, historical or climbing themes. Check at the visitor center for more information, or use our online Event Calendar.

The Junior Ranger Program is offered year round for youth and families. Junior Ranger booklets may be obtained at the visitor center. We recommend at least one hour to complete the program. Upon completion of the booklet, Junior Rangers will be officially sworn in and given a special badge. Junior Ranger patches may be purchased in the bookstore.

Winter activities include hiking, cross-country skiing, and climbing. Caution - trails are not maintained during the winter months. The road to the visitor center, picnic area and Circle of Sacred Smoke sculpture are open year around.


What to Do in the Park

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