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Fall 2018 Special Presenters

This fall, Devils Tower National Monument will host several presentations related to ethnobotany - the cultural significance of plants. All presentations start at 1 pm at the park visitor center.
  • September 23: Richard Sherman, who has served as director and lead botanist for the Oglala Sioux Parks and Recreation Association, will present at the park visitor center about indigenous uses of plants found in the Black Hills region. After his presentation, Mr. Sherman will lead a short hike along Red Beds Trail.
  • October 14: Linwood Tall Bull, an instructor of ethnobotany at Chief Dull Knife College, will display a collection of preserved plants and present on how they are used by the Northern Cheyenne nation.
  • November 4: Lolita Attack Him, a teacher of ethnobotany and Lakota studies at Oglala Lakota College, will present on indigenous uses of plants. She will also have a display of preserved plants to teach about identification and cultural significance.

Last updated: September 29, 2018

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