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For many visitors, coming to Devils Tower National Monument is just a single stop amidst many other destinations. Below you will find basic information and links to other popular sites in the area. Distances shown were calculated via an online map service using the most direct route.


Powder River Group Parks

Four national park sites in eastern Wyoming and southeast Montana make up the Powder River Group. They share historical threads linked by the landscape of the Powder River Country. If you are planning a visit to Devils Tower, these sites are pleasant additions to your travels:


State Park Sites

Keyhole Reservoir State Park (Wyoming)

Constructed in 1952, the Keyhole Reservoir offered flood mitigation of the Belle Fourche River and a source of irrigation. Today, it also offers visitors opportunities for water recreation and camping. Keyhole is about 21 miles from Devils Tower.

Custer State Park (South Dakota)

As South Dakota's first and largest state park, Custer offers amazing opportunities for camping, hiking, boating, climbing and more. Situated in the heart of the Black Hills, Custer State Park is only 115 miles from the Tower.

Other Destinations and Attractions

Black Hills National Forest

Devils Tower sits on the northwestern edge of the Black Hills, one of the earliest designated national forests. With 1.2 million acres of forested mountains, the Black Hills offers an array of recreation, history and enjoyment. Black Hills offices and access points are found throughout western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming.

Vore Buffalo Jump

An archeological site that demonstrates the ingenuity of prehistoric Plains Indians, Vore Buffalo Jump is a fascinating historic site. Open from June 1st through Labor Day, visitors can explore hundreds of years of human use of the prairies surrounding the Black Hills. This site is about 47 miles from Devils Tower.

Crook County Museums

Devils Tower is situated in Crook County, Wyoming. County museums in Hulett, Sundance and Moorcroft offer visitors an intimate look into the history of the region. The Hulett museum (10 miles from the Tower) houses several pieces from Devils Tower National Monument's collection.

Last updated: June 5, 2022

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