Hidden in Plain Sight

During the Cold War, a vast arsenal of nuclear missiles were placed in the Great Plains. Hidden in plain sight, for thirty years 1,000 missiles were kept on constant alert; hundreds remain today. The Minuteman Missile remains an iconic weapon in the American nuclear arsenal. It holds the power to destroy civilization, but is meant as a nuclear deterrent to maintain peace and prevent war. Read More

A concrete walk leads to a glass and steel building

Begin at the Visitor Center

The Visitor Center provides the ideal place to start your visit and learn more about the Cold War and the nuclear arms race.

View down a round silo with a missile

Visit a Nuclear Missile

The Delta-09 missile silo allows a rare opportunity to view a nuclear missile once on constant alert during the Cold War.

A group of people in a small room with electronic panels.

Reserve Your Tour of Delta-01

Tours of the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility are offered daily. Advanced reservations are required for all guided-tours.

Visitors wait to be served by a park volunteer at an informaiton desk

Plan Your Visit

A park visit provides an opportunity to explore sites once top secret and restricted. Advance planning is key to ensure you see it all.

President Bush and Gorbachev sign the START I Treaty, 31 July 1991

START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) was signed in July 1991 by President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

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