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Map of Devils Tower National Monument
Map of Devils Tower National Monument


Parking at Devils Tower

Parking can often become limited around the Visitor Center between 11 am and 2 pm throughout the summer. If you are unable to find a parking space near the Visitor Center, you may enjoy parking elsewhere and hiking to the Visitor Center or visiting other areas in the park during these peak visitation hours.

Other points of interest include the Circle of Sacred Smoke Sculpture (located near the picnic area) and scenic views from the Joyner Ridge trail head. Please note that the Joyner Ridge trail head is inaccessible to most RVs and other large vehicles.

Our hiking trails offer a unique and tranquil alternative way to reach the Visitor Center. Ample parking is available at the Picnic Area as well as at the Joyner Ridge trail head. The shortest hiking route from the Picnic Area to the Visitor Center will take you from the South Side Trail and connect onto the Red Beds Trail; this route is 1.2 miles in each direction, being uphill on the way to and downhill on the way from the Visitor Center. The shortest hiking route from the Joyner Ridge trailhead to the Visitor Center will begin on the Joyner Ridge Trail, then use the connector trail which is found half way around the Joyner Ridge Trail loop to connect onto the Red Beds Trail; this is approximately 3 miles in each direction over varying terrain.

Large Vehicle and Bus Parking Restrictions:

1. Parking of vehicles longer than 19 feet is prohibited in the visitor center lot from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through September 15th. Private RVs and trailers may use the RV parallel parking area along the east side of the main lot near the visitor center or the new long vehicle parking area near the picnic area.

2. All buses are prohibited from parking in the visitor center parking lots (including the dirt lot and the large vehicle parallel parking area) from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend until September 15th (except to load and unload). Buses must use the long vehicle parking near the picnic area.

3. Idling of bus engines is prohibited when stopped in any parking area including the visitor center, administration building, campground, picnic area and prairie dog town.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Devils Tower National Monument. Vehicles may be rented in Gillette, WY or Rapid City, SD.


The nearest commercial airports are the Gillette-Campbell County Airport in Gillette, WY and the Rapid City Regional Airport in Rapid City, SD.


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally typically occurs during the second week of August every year. Tens of thousands of motorcyclists gather in the Black Hills region, and often visit particular sites on certain days. The "Ride to Devils Tower" typically occurs on the Wednesday of that week.

Devils Tower National Monument prepares for the visitation of thousands of motorcycles on that day. Volunteer groups work with park staff to organize parking. The park association sponsors a shuttle service from the long vehicle parking and picnic areas up to the visitor center. Visitors are encouraged to use the shuttle service, as they are likely to not find parking near the visitor center.

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