Wildlife Galleries

This adult eagle is preparing itself to fly off of the branch it has perched on. T

Bald Eagle Gallery

This album has all of our best photos of eagles doing all of the things they like to do.

The dark-feathered eaglet is flapping its wings from its nest.

Eaglet Baby Book

This album features photos of each eaglet that has fledged from the Pinery Narrows nest, starting in 2007.

A great blue heron wades through lilies in the Beaver Marsh

Great Blue Heron Gallery

View photos of great blue herons in the park

 A Virginia rail stands in a wetland. The cattails in the background are brown and green.

More Wetland Birds

What’s that bird walking in or along water? If it is not a great blue heron, these photos will help you identify what you saw and learn more

Three young great blue herons perch overhead in their nest of sticks.

Bath Road Heronry

Bath Road Heronry is a local favorite of wildlife watchers. From February through June, great blue herons build nests and raise their young.

A brown mammal sits above the surface of water covered in tiny green plants, some also on its fur.

Beaver or Muskrat?

Beavers and muskrats: they are both big, brown rodents. But which is which? Explore these photos to learn their identifying features.

two otters drink from a pond next to each other

Otter or Mink?

What are the differences between an otter and a mink?

a snapping turtle relaxes on a dry log

Observing Turtles

Check out the turtles living in the park.

A partially coiled brownish black snake rests on a log surrounded by sparse, green vegetation.

Observing Snakes

Nine types of snakes slither around Cuyahoga Valley. Watch them from a respectful distance. They aren’t venomous but they can bite. Use this

A monarch butterfly clings to the side of purple ironweed flowers. Background is blurred.

Top 20 Butterflies in Cuyahoga Valley

Butterflies are important pollinators and are also significant in nutrient recycling, both as consumers and as prey for other species.


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