Natural History Topics - April

Virginia bluebells
Virginia bluebells are found in the Hunt Farm Area north of Furnace Run.


Cuyahoga Gems
April is a wonderful time to explore the lowland forests along the Cuyahoga River as they abound with blooming spring wildflowers. Among the forest gems are brilliant yellow marsh marigolds of the wetlands, delicate small spring beauty flowers with violet streaks, endless blue blossoms of Virginia bluebells, and the soft white petals of bloodroot. The rich moist silt soils of the Cuyahoga River floodplains provide ideal growing conditions for the lush bounty of woodland wildflowers.

Spring beauty
The delicate spring beauty flowers have pink streaks on their petals.


Below are some prime locations for observing spring wildflowers.

Please note that all wildflowers are strictly protected within CVNP. Please do your part by not picking them.

Purple cress
Purple cress develops early in spring from its location underneath deciduous trees.


Towpath Trail Spring Wildflower Locations
Hunt Farm to Botzum Trailhead is a great section for observing purple and spring cress, marsh marigold, spring beauty, yellow and white trout lilies, and bloodroot. The Hunt Farm area is also fine for seeing Virginia bluebells just north of Furnace Run.

Station Road Bridge Trailhead to the Pinery Narrows Heronry is an excellent section for several early wildflowers including, bloodroot, spring beauty, squirrel corn and cut-leaf toothwort.

Additional Spring Wildflower Locations
The Brandywine Gorge Tail is an especially good trail toward the end of the month to observe blooming rue anemone, squirrel corn, spring beauty, cut-leaf toothwort, and purple cress.

The Haskell Run Trail is another great wildflower trail. At the end of the month enjoy marsh marigold, spring beauty, purple and spring cress, yellow trout lily, rue anemone, and cut-leaf toothwort along the bottomland forests of Haskell Run.

DeKay's snake
DeKay snakes are non-poisonous reptiles.


Also this Month

In early April, harmless, tiny, brown DeKay snakes sun themselves on the Towpath Trail and rocky banks. There are no poisonous snakes in the park and please be respectful of all animals.

Listen for returning pine warblers at Kendall Lake the first weekend in April. Their song is a low trill that resonates from the tall red pines surrounding Kendall Lake Shelter and the first of the warbler songs to return to CVNP.

Later in the month, observe yellow-throated and cerulean warblers in the high sycamore trees along the Towpath Trail near the historic Station Road Bridge.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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