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Cumberland Island is the largest and southernmost barrier island in Georgia. With little commercial development, Cumberland has remained relatively stable over the last several hundred years.

However, barrier Islands are dynamic environments. For visitors who spend a few days or even a few hours on Cumberland, this soon becomes apparent. Wind shapes the dunes, fire shapes the plant and animal communities that depend on them, and humans leave their impact too.

Cumberland Island supports a rich diversity of plants and animals and offers amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Cumberland Sound. From the rich marsh environment to the deep night sky, Cumberland Island holds something for everyone.

  • salt marsh under cloudy skies

    Learn about the unique ecosystems and important habitats of Cumberland Island.

  • bobcat crouched and staring at camera

    Get to know some of the animals that call the island home.

  • Fire burning in palmettos at water's edge
    Wildland Fire

    Learn more about wildland fire management on Cumberland Island.


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Last updated: April 15, 2019

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