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The park is open year-round, 24 hours a day. But many of the park's roads, trails, and facilities are closed seasonally due to snow. Visit our current conditions page to find out what's open in the park today.

Seasonal Road Closures

Crater Lake is one of the snowiest inhabited places in the USA. Each winter, deep snow forces us to close the park's Rim Drive and North Entrance to cars. Rim Drive becomes a trail for skiing and snowshoeing. The North Entrance road becomes a snowmobile trail. These roads close for the season with the first big October snowstorm, or on November 1, whichever comes first.

Closing Dates in Recent Years
Year West Rim Drive &
North Entrance
East Rim Drive
2016 October 14 October 14
2015 November 1 November 1
2014 October 28 October 27
2013 October 28 October 1
2012 October 23 October 23
2011 November 1 November 1
2010 October 24 October 23
2009 October 27 October 13
Seasonal Road Closures Map

Opening the Park's Roads

We begin plowing closed roads in mid-to-late April. But it takes a long time to open them up; there are no set dates. Read about the process of "spring opening" here. In general, opening dates depend on winter snow totals, but other factors (like equipment breakdowns) play a role.

The North Entrance and West Rim Drive can open as early as mid-May and or as late as the end of June. The East Rim Drive opens sometime between mid-June and late July.

In 2017, opening dates will likely be later than normal due to an above-average snowpack. In past years with similar snow totals, the West Rim Drive and North Entrance have opened in mid-June, and the East Rim Drive has opened in mid-July. Visit our current conditions page to check on the progress of our snow plows.

Opening Dates in Recent Years
Year West Rim Drive &
North Entrance
East Rim Drive Winter
Snow Total
2017 Mid-June??? Mid-July??? 48 feet
2016 May 27 July 13 38 feet
2015 May 14 June 11 16 feet
2014 May 23 July 1 21 feet
2013 May 15 July 2 30 feet
2012 June 11 July 17 33 feet
2011 June 24 July 22 56 feet
2010 June 7 July 9 34 feet
2009 June 1 June 30 39 feet
2008 June 20 July 11 48 feet
2007 May 24 June 29 36 feet
2006 June 14 July 14 48 feet
2005 June 10 June 29 30 feet
2004 June 17 July 3 46 feet

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