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Construction Detour

Pedestrians and bikers must use M Street or Water Street. Bikers must follow flow of traffic; both streets are one-way.

Two parallel light colored stone walls under construction.  Construction workers and equipment working on walls

National Park Service


Construction Underway on Locks 3 and 4

Work on Lock 3 involves dissembling and rebuilding the foundation and walls and new lock gates.Lock 4 repairs include rejuvinating existing walls, mortar joint repairs, and new lock gates.

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A New Boat for Georgetown

Riding a boat along the canal in Georgetown is a cherished memory for generations of people. With the helps of its partners, Georgetown Heritage and the District of Columbria, The National Park Service looks forward to bringing the experience back to the city.

canal with water flowing through wooden structures called gates.  Canal is surrounded by brick buildings
Lock 4 in Georgetown

Georgetown Heritage


Georgetown Canal Plan

Developed with the National Park Service, Georgetown Heritage, and the DC Office of Planning the plan cultivates a section of the canal in Georgetown into a premier active, flexible, and sustainable urban park.

The partnership seeks input and ideas improving the unique stone structures, locks, towpath, plazas, and street crossings to maximize educational, recreational and aesthetic potential.

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Last updated: March 24, 2021

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