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Canyonlands is divided into four districts by the massive canyons of the Green and Colorado rivers. From broad overlooks at Island in the Sky or rambling trails in The Needles, to deep remoteness of The Maze or even floating the rivers themselves: whatever you choose, Canyonlands offers a lifetime of exploration possibilities.

Basic Information
Your basic things to know. Check on Operating Hours and Seasons, Fees and Passes, Weather, Current Conditions, Permits and Reservations, and more.

Directions & Transportation
How you can get to the park and how to get around. You can also view and download a variety of park maps.

Eating & Sleeping
Learn about park campgrounds. There are no lodges or restaurants in Canyonlands. You can find lodging and dining in nearby towns.

Places to Go
Learn more about the different districts of Canyonlands.

Things To Do
Explore the many activities that are possible in the park.

Trip Itineraries
How should you spend your visit?

View a listing of special events.

Read these important tips on staying safe in remote desert places.

Facilities and services for people with disabilities.

Nearby Attractions
What other parks and attractions can I visit?

Park Regulations
What's required or prohibited at Canyonlands?

Read and download maps and brochures.

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Last updated: May 27, 2021

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