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Canyonlands National Park has a wild, rugged landscape with limited development. Of the park's districts, Island in the Sky is the most accessible. It's closest to Moab and can be an easy visit in a day trip. The Needles district is has fewer overlooks and more hiking trails. The Maze district is the least accessible area of the park. Visiting usually requires much more time and preparation. The rivers offer remote boating opportunities, but no services.

US citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities qualify for the Interagency Access Pass, which provides free or discounted access to over 2,000 Federal recreation sites.

The information about specific facilities and services provided below may help you better plan your visit. If a particular service or issue is not mentioned below, such as alternate formats for print materials, audio description, assistive listening, captions, or physical access to particular facilities, programs or services, please contact us.


Deaf/Hearing Loss Accessibility

For visitors with hearing impairments, a variety of publications may be obtained at the district visitor centers, where closed captioning is available for audio-visual programs on request. Wayside exhibits with illustrations and text on natural and cultural features are situated throughout Island in the Sky and The Needles and in the visitor centers.


Blind/Low Vision Accessibility

Visitor center exhibits include tactile models, rock samples, and maps that may be touched. An audio tour of the park's scenic road is available for purchase or rental at the bookstore. Recorded descriptions of exhibits or waysides are not available.


Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in national parks. What is a service animal?

Service animals are permitted everywhere in Canyonlands. Owners are encouraged to identify their working service animal, such as with a vest. Identification is not required, but helps prevent unwarranted "dog on trail" complaints from other visitors. There are no plastic bags provided at trailheads for waste products, so please bring your own.

Caution! The desert can be deadly for pets. Car temperatures rise quickly in the sun, even on cool days. Your pet can easily die of heat exhaustion. If you are leaving a pet in a car, crack the windows as much as possible and leave water to drink. We recommend you not leave pets in the car at all when the outside temperature exceeds 68ºF (20ºC), even with the windows cracked.

Last updated: May 28, 2020

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