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The Blue Ridge Parkway offers many opportunities for incredible views - our advice is to "enjoy the view, watch the road!"

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The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile drive that connects Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For those unable to make the entire trip, smaller sections of the Parkway offer adventure and convenience without ever leaving your car.

Access to the Parkway is offered at several intersections to major roads and highways. Access points and alternate roads can be used to create a loop drive, allowing you to enjoy a section of the Parkway and return to your starting destination. You can also use the access points to add a section of the Parkway to a longer journey.

Map Your Course

  • Check out the Parkway Map to find access points and connecting roads to major highways.
  • Check for road closures due to weather and road maintenance projects. Closures may happen suddenly and without warning.
  • Read more about directions and getting around on the Parkway.

Plan Ahead

  • Typically, 30 miles on the Parkway is about an hour’s drive. The Parkway's maximum speed limit is 45 mph, and is often less than that. Plan more time for bad weather, seasonal traffic, or if you are unused to mountain roads.
  • There are no gas stations along the Parkway, but several just off the Parkway at access points, so plan accordingly to fill up along the way.
  • Want to make your drive an overnight experience? The parkway has several campgrounds and two lodges open in season (late spring through fall, typically).

Drive Safely

  • Check out our driving safety page to have a fun and safe adventure.
  • Cruising in a motor home? Check tunnel heights to make sure your route is safe.

What to See

  • Find popular destinations along the Parkway if you want to stretch your legs.
  • 382 overlooks scattered throughout the Parkway offer easy places to pull over or see incredible views from the car.

Major Access Points

Major US and state highway Access points with corresponding mileposts:


Highway Milepost (MP)
US 250 MP 0
US 60 MP 45.6
US 501 MP 63.7
VA 43 MP 90.9
US 460 MP 106
VA 24 MP 112.2
US 220 MP 121.4
US 58 MP 177.7
US 52 MP 199.4
VA 89 MP 215.8

North Carolina:

Highway Milepost (MP)
US 21 MP 229.7
NC 18 MP 248.1
NC 16 MP 261.2
US 321 MP 291.8
NC 181 MP 312
NC 226 MP 330.9
US 70 MP 382.5
US 74 A MP 384.7
US 25 MP 388.8
NC 191 MP 393.6
US 276 MP 411.8
US 74/23 MP 443.1
US 19 MP 455.7

Last updated: May 29, 2024

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