Dagger Flat Road Guide

Enjoying the spring bloom along the Dagger Flat Auto Trail
Enjoying the spring bloom along the Dagger Flat Road

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Dagger Flat Road Guide
Learn As You Go!  Get the Road Guide to Dagger Flat Road.

Learn As You Go

Take this self-guided auto trail, for seven miles, to a remote valley where a unique forest of Giant Dagger Yuccas is located. As you drive, you will discover how many of Big Bend’s common native plants have specially adapted to the Chihuahuan desert ecosystem. Follow the numbered posts and read along as you drive the route. You will be rewarded by learning to recognize these plants and their fascinating characteristics.

Dagger Flat Road Guide

The guide to the numbered posts is now also available on the free NPS App.

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  • Be alert for slow-moving and stopped vehicles.
  • The speed limit on this narrow, winding road is 25 miles per hour. The surface is graded gravel. Always pull to the right side of the road before stopping. Treat the desert gently; driving off the road is destructive and prohibited by law.
  • Any picking or collecting of plants, other natural objects, or historic items is illegal. Please help us protect YOUR national heritage.
Dagger Flat Road
During the spring bloom, a drive along the Dagger Flat Auto Trail is an amazing experience.

Last updated: May 11, 2022

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