Park Avenue and Courthouse Towers


Distant Views and Soaring Towers

After passing the visitor center and climbing steeply along switchback roads, the first major area of the park you'll see is Park Avenue and the Courthouse Towers area. You can walk among massive monoliths and towering walls and see views of the nearby La Sal Mountains.


Places to Go

Two hikers walk down a trail through a large and striking canyon. The red rock walls are tall and steep. Large shadows are cast across the canyon floor. Dispersed across the landscape are small green shrubs. There is a blue sky with white clouds.
Hiking the Park Avenue trail

Park Avenue Viewpoint and Trailhead

The sheer walls of this canyon reminded early visitors of buildings lining a big city street. The trail to the viewpoint is flat and paved.

Beyond the viewpoint, the trail descends steeply into the spectacular canyon and continues one mile (1.6 km) to Courthouse Towers. For a roundtrip hike, retrace your steps along the trail rather than walking along the road.

Expanse view of a landscape of red sand and soil, dotted with green vegetation. In the foreground a massive red rock protrudes from the ground. In the distance are more large red rocks with a blue sky and a thin line of white clouds.
La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

NPS/Chris Wonderly

La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

Enjoy a 360-degree view from a relatively flat sandstone bench. See the La Sal Mountains to the east and distinctive formations like Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, and The Organ in the Courthouse Towers area. Look to the horizon for a view of Balanced Rock and The Windows Section.



Park Avenue

The beginning of the Park Avenue trail is paved and ends at a viewpoint of Park Avenue. Signs are available along the trail. Beyond the viewpoint, the trail continues steeply downhill into the canyon. Slopes are rocky and uneven.

La Sal Mountains Viewpoint

A paved sidewalk leads alongside the La Sal Mountains Viewpoint parking area. Beyond the parking lot, a rocky, uneven platform leads to a closer view of Courthouse Towers.

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Last updated: June 6, 2021

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