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The purpose of Arches National Park is to protect extraordinary examples of geologic features including arches, natural bridges, windows, spires, balanced rocks, as well as other features of geologic, historic, and scientific interest, and to provide opportunities to experience these resources and their associated values in their majestic natural settings.

Arches National Park is part of the Southeast Utah Group of parks, sharing staff and administrative offices with Canyonlands National Park, Hovenweep National Monument, and Natural Bridges National Monument. The Southeast Utah Group headquarters is in Moab, Utah.

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Companies or individuals wishing to provide commercial services in the park such as guided hiking, tours and transportation, or photography tours, must have a commercial use authorization with our concessions and permit office. Read more about commercial services.


Many documents guide the management of Arches. Those available here demonstrate how park operations are structured toward achieving the mission of the National Park Service.

Guidance Documents

The park's General Management Plan was written in 1989. This plan guides the management of resources, visitor use, and general development in the park. The primary purpose of the plan is to provide a foundation from which to protect park resources while providing for meaningful visitor experiences.

In 2013, the park developed a Foundation Statement to update a shared understanding of the park's purpose, significance, resources and values. This document can serve as a foundation for future planning and management decisions.

Few visitors know that 73,312 acres of Arches National Park are recommended for wilderness designation. Although the recommendation, first submitted in 1974, has yet to be approved by Congress, the park is required to manage this area as though it were formally designated wilderness. 2009 map of recommended wilderness area



The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental impact documents to help guide the management of park resources. These documents can range from site-specific impact analyses on facility locations to broader park-wide plans for future use and management. Read more about active plans at Arches.

Completed Planning Projects

These additional documents help guide planning and management at Arches.

2013 Climbing and Canyoneering Management Plan

2012 Transportation and Congestion Management Study

2009 Exotic Plant Management Plan

2005 Fire and Fuels Management Plan (and Appendix)

2001 Long Range Interpretive Plan

1999 Water Resources Management Plan

1996 Resource Management Plan

1988 Backcountry Management Plan


Founding Documents

Presidential Proclamation No. 1875 signed by President Herbert Hoover on April 12, 1929, established Arches National Monument for its "gigantic arches, natural bridges, windows, spires, balanced rocks, and other unique wind-worn sandstone formations, the preservation of which is desirable because of their educational and scenic value."

Just under a decade later, a second presidential proclamation signed November 25, 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded the monument to preserve a contiguous 29,160 acres, "necessary for the proper care, management, and protection of the objects of scientific interest situated on the lands included" (Presidential Proclamation No. 2312).

The boundary was again modified by President Dwight Eisenhower (Proclamation No. 3360, signed July 26, 1960) and President Lyndon Johnson (No. 3887 signed January 21, 1969).

Finally, on November 12, 1971, Congress passed Public Law 92-155, signed by President Richard Nixon, creating Arches National Park.

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