West Woods Trail - Stop 5

Dedication of the 15th Massachusetts Monument
Dedication of the 15th Massachusetts Monument in 1900

Stop 5 - The Wounded Lion

When the 15th Massachusetts reached this point, Confederate artillery on Hauser’s Ridge halted their forward progress. Soon, Confederate infantry also appeared on their front and flank meting out a punishing fire. To make matters worse, some infantrymen were firing into the backs of their comrades. As Lt. Col. John Kimball wrote, “…the second line of the division…commenced firing through my left wing on the enemy…many of my men were by this maneuver killed by our own forces.”

The 15th Massachusetts entered the West Woods with 606 men in its ranks. In twenty minutes, 75 men had been killed and 255 wounded for a total of 330 casualties, the highest number from any regiment at Antietam.

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