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Monitoring buoy in Jordan Pond
Water quality monitoring buoy in Jordan Pond

Photo by C. Wigdahl

What is floating in Jordan Pond?
We’re excited to announce a new project this summer – with a generous gift from Canon, U.S.A., we have launched a data buoy that will continuously monitor water quality at Jordan Pond!

This project, a collaborative effort by Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, and the University of Maine, aims to improve our understanding of water quality changes in Jordan Pond. Jordan Pond is known as the clearest lake in Maine, yet the water clarity has been decreasing in recent years for reasons that are currently unknown. In order to identify causes and effects of these changes, and to improve management of key park resources, scientists need more detailed information on what happens within Jordan Pond.

The new data buoy collects measurements every 15 minutes for multiple water quality features (such as pH, dissolved oxygen, algae growth, and others), and is paired with a weather station on the Jordan Pond House, which simultaneously takes meteorological measurements (temperature, wind speed, precipitation, etc.). This allows us to directly compare lakewater features with local environmental changes. Data from the buoy are sent via radio signals to a base station at the Jordan Pond House twice daily, and the information is monitored by aquatic scientists to track what is happening at Jordan Pond.

For more information on the Jordan Pond Buoy, follow us online at the Friends of Acadia Cobblestones blog: Check back often for data posts and information about what we are learning at Jordan Pond!

Last updated: April 12, 2016

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