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Digital Media for Kids

Looking for supplementary videos of action research happening in Acadia National Park? Find video extensions for acadia national park field trips and virtual programs. For students looking for photos and videos to use for class projects and research visit photos and multimedia.

Bat Research in Acadia

Across the United States, bats are suffering from White Nose Syndrome. Learn more about the disease and what researchers in Acadia are doing to protect some of Acadia's high flyers.


Ticks are small arachnids responsible for carrying a variety of diseases such as lyme and anaplasmosis. Learning about how to identify these tiny creatures allows visitors to Acadia to stay safe and enjoy this beautiful place.

Park Mystery Videos

There are over 400 national park sites in the United States. Each holds significance to the story of our nation. Park mystery videos give students clues so they can research and discover several special park sites in the system.

Animal Interviews

An adaptation is a body part or behavior that helps a plant or an animal survive. With the amazing biodiversity in Acadia, it's no wonder there are so many different plants and animals here. Learn about these animals from them in these fun animal interviews.

Water Quality Topics

In addition to plants and animals, national parks also protect the air and water that make up the environment. Water quality videos look at the freshwater in Acadia through health indicators such as dissolved oxygen, pH, and plankton netting.

I Notice, I Wonder

Observing the world around you is a great way to generate questions and excite learners. "I Notice, I Wonder" are 1-minute long videos of natural events and animals in Acadia. Each video includes information about the phenomenon as can be an excellent way to engage students and make connections to the real world.

Carroll Homestead Chores Video

Step back in time with Ranger Katie! See the Carroll Homestead chores reinacted and imagine you were a Maine homesteader in the 1800s. Can be used as a pre or post activity with the field trip Carroll Homestead.

Weather Tools Videos

Ranger Lynn and Ranger Crystal explore how to make weather tools. These videos provide step by step instructions for people to make weather instruments at home. Great to use as a craft or extension while discussing weather.

Climate Change in Maine

Mainers have noticed many changes on this landscape over time. From hotter, drier summmers to more frequent, extreme storms, they have seen changes in the weather.
They have noticed new species arriving from the south and some old favorites moving north with only occasional local appearances. What changes will you notice in five years? Or in ten?

Do Parks Help Forests?

National Parks were created to help protect nature. But does that protection really matter? Are forests inside parks actually any better off than nearby forests outside of parks? How could you even tell?

Monitoring The Migrators: Tracking The Animals Passing Through Our Parks

Migrating animals are good at making long trips between seasons. These trips can be dangerous, and scientists monitor migrators in United States National Parks to help detect dangers and find solutions.

Last updated: September 28, 2023

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