Plan Your Visit

Welcome to the Land of Giants
You expect giant trees and huge canyons--and you won't be disappointed. Within these parks, you can experience a spectacular range in elevation from warm foothills to cold alpine peaks. The largest and finest groves of giant sequoias grow here, along with extraordinarily diverse plants and animals living in extremely varied conditions.

For an overview of the parks, download the Visitor Guide newspaper for the season you plan to visit. See options for eating and sleeping, operating hours and seasons, fees and passes, and things to do. Be prepared to store your food and scented items to protect them from bears, especially if you plan to stay overnight. Check current conditions for details about weather and roads and vehicle length advisories if your vehicle is longer than 22 feet. Looking for more details to help plan your trip? Check our Basic Information page.

Download the park map to see the layout of the park roads and areas. For trail maps, visit the online bookstore of our partner, the Sequoia Natural History Association. You can also purchase maps, books, and educational items at any park visitor center.

Did You Know?