Day Hiking

A hiker walks below brightly lit sequoias.

A hiker strolls along the Big Trees Trail's wooden boardwalk.

Alison Taggart-Barone


Whether you choose a short, paved trail or an all-day hike, exploring by foot is a great way to experience these parks. We recommend taking a map, expecially for longer or unpaved trails. Find maps at each park visitor center or buy them ahead of time online. Check the park newspaper for safety tips before you go. There is a maximum party size limit of 25 people for day hikes in these parks.

Marble Falls: A cascade of water over rock, with a yucca plant in the foreground.

Marble Falls cascade

Paul Sheehan

Foothills Day Hikes
Hot, dry summer shapes these lower elevations. The rivers are critical to life here. Watch out for poison oak and rattlesnakes as you travel. Consider hiking in early morning or evening hours to escape the heat of the day.

Moro Rock trail offers expansive views

On top of Moro Rock

Richard Thiel

Giant Forest & Lodgepole Day Hikes
Giant sequoias, cool conifer forests, sun-splashed meadows, and exhilarating vistas characterize the Giant Forest and Lodgepole area. Climb the historic staircase on Moro Rock to see the towering Great Western Divide.

Grant Tree Trail in Grant Grove

Grant Tree Trail

NPS Photo

Grant Grove Day Hikes
Sequoias, easy trails, and solitude are all available on trails in the vicinity of bustling Grant Grove Village. Maps and guidebooks are available at nearby visitor centers—along with helpful rangers.

Zumwalt Meadow along the South Fork of Kings River

Zumwalt Meadow

NPS Photo

Cedar Grove Day Hikes
Looming granite walls, great vistas, quiet rivers, pleasant waterfalls—some of the most level hikes in the parks can be found here as well as some of the most steep, hot, and strenuous. There is something for every hiker in the Kings Canyon.

A trail runs through low vegetation to peaks surrounding Mineral King Valley.

Mineral King Valley

Richard Thiel

Mineral King Day Hikes
Cooler temperatures and dramatic mountain scenery tempt day hikers here. Be prepared for steep trails and thinner air. West- and south-facing slopes can still be hot and dry, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Consider beginning your hike in in the morning when it is cooler.

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