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Parking Lot B - at Market Plaza

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Parking at the Visitor Center
Parking at Market Plaza & in the Historic District

Upon arriving at the park, be sure to read
and the other information provided at the entrance station. Inside the Guide, the centerfold map will show you the location of village parking areas and how to access scenic overlooks and visitor services.

If you would like to read this season's Guide Newspaper before your visit, download a copy of it below...
thumbnail of 2015 Summer South Rim Guide front cover

Park Newspaper

Download the 2015 Summer (English)
May 21 - September 7, 2015
Summer South Rim Guide (letter-size)
(Prints on 8.5 x 11" paper 4.5 MB PDF File)

Summer South Rim Guide (tabloid size)
(Prints on 11 x 17" paper 2.3 MB PDF File)

Contains maps, schedules and information needed to plan a South Rim visit.

South Rim lodging and camping along with most other visitor services within the park are open all year.

Reserve lodging and campsites as far ahead as possible, especially during busy summer and fall months.

Download Summer South Rim Village Shuttle Bus/ Parking Map
as one large page 22.5 x 17" (1.1 MB PDF file)

3 thumbnails of maps that may be downloaded. l to r: Grand Canyon Area Map, South Rim Village Transit Map, Desert View Drive Map

Parking at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Travelers will often park at the Visitor Center for the day, then ride the free shuttles around the village.

The most common approach to the Visitor Center is from the east on Highway 64.
Entering from this direction, the four lots are numbered, starting with Lot 1.
1) Lot 1 is the closest to the canyon and has pull-through spaces for RVs and vehicles with trailers.
2) Lot 2 is closer to the Visitor Center/ Plaza
3) Lot 3 often acts as the overflow lot is a short walk to the Visitor Center/ Plaza
4) Lot 4 is close to the Bicycle Rental/ Café, Bookstore and Visitor Center/ Plaza
Grand Canyon Visitor Center Parking Map

The map above shows the visitor center parking lots in relation to Mather Point and the canyon rim.  Watch the video below for an "on the ground" tour." 

parking lot map pf Market Plaza and the Historic District

Parking at Market Plaza and in the Historic District

Parking is available in lots throughout Grand Canyon Village. Please avoid parking along the roadside except where signs or lines on the road indicate that it is permissible. Location of the lots is indicated on the map shown above.

  • Lot A: Near Park Headquarters (administrative offices). Large lot that frequently has available spots.

  • Lot B: Near the businesses in Market Plaza. This is the largest lot, but tends to fill early.

  • Lot C: This small lot near the intersection of Center and Village Loop Roads may have sites when others do not.

  • Lot D: Near the Backcountry Information Center. The southern portion of this lot has large, pull-through spaces for RVs and vehicles with trailers.

Easily accessible shuttle bus stops are located in or near all parking areas.

Grand Canyon National Park's free shuttle buses operate in and around the South Rim. Village. No tickets are required, and bus stops are clearly marked throughout the park by signs.


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