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Each year, park rangers and search and rescue (SAR) personnel respond to approximately 250 emergency incidents in Yosemite National Park. The park's Preventive Search and Rescue (PSAR) program posts selected SAR incident reports on this blog in the hopes that readers can learn from the experiences of others.

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Run-ins with Rattlesnakes Result in Rescues

September 11, 2020 Posted by: Yosemite Search and Rescue

A few weeks ago, within the span of three days, two rattlesnake bites—and subsequent rescues—occurred in Yosemite’s wilderness.  


A Wave of Heat-Related Incidents

August 07, 2020 Posted by: Yosemite Search and Rescue

Yosemite National Park emergency medical providers responded to three medical calls related to dehydration and heat exhaustion and two Half Dome incidents. Be aware of the sign and symptoms of heat-related illnesses and know how to prevent it.


Hiker Seriously Injured After Off-Trail Travel at Bridalveil Fall

July 23, 2020 Posted by: Yosemite Search and Rescue

At 4:42 on Tuesday, July 20, 2020, the Yosemite Emergency Communications Center (ECC) received a 911 cell phone call from a bystander near the base of Bridalveil Fall. The caller reported that someone had slipped and fallen in the rocks, hit his head, and was unconscious and bleeding from the ear. For the past decade, hiking and scrambling off-trail is the third leading cause of accidental fatalities in Yosemite (after water-related deaths and climbing fatalities).


Last updated: August 10, 2020

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