Northeast Entrance

A log building with covered car lanes covered in snow
Northeast Entrance station is considered “the best of its type remaining in the National Park Service.”



The entrance station and ranger residence at Yellowstone’s northeast entrance were constructed in 1935 in a rustic style that was becoming emblematic of national park architecture. According to its listing as a National Historic Landmark in 1987, the entrance station “subconsciously reinforced the visitor’s sense of the western frontier and the wilderness he was about to enter. The building was not only the physical boundary, but the psychological boundary between the rest of the world and what was set aside as a permanently wild place.” The station is considered “the best of its type remaining in the National Park System.”

The entrance station was constructed with two traffic lanes passing through it. When it became necessary to accommodate the increasing number of recreation vehicles too tall to fit in the passage, a lane was added to each side of the building rather than alter it. These drivers must walk around to the checking station office, but the system is workable because of the relatively low volume of traffic at the entrance.

The station is currently considered to be in good condition. Extensive rehabilitation of the entrance station in 1984 repaired log ends with epoxy and replaced log rafters and the roof. The oakum rope chinking remains. Two street lights and a flagpole were added, and concrete bollards were placed on the east and west side to prevent vehicles from driving into the building. The interior of the checking station has undergone little change over the years. Although the original plans called for earth floors, the rooms have concrete floors that were probably poured sometime after construction. The original wood stove that heated the central portion of the station was replaced with an oil stove in the same location.


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