Visitation Statistics

Recent annual visitation is presented below. For complete records of National Park Service visitation and other statistics, check out the Public Use Statistics Office.

Graph with the years 2014-18 on the x axis, 100K-1M on y axis
The average visitation to Yellowstone per month from 2014-2018. Raw numbers are included in the table below.

NPS / Peggy Olliff

Month Average # of Visits (2014-2018) % of Average Annual Visits
January 28,837 0.72%
February 33,088 0.82%
March 22,266 0.55%
April 44,027 1.10%
May 401,449 9.99%
June 780,652 19.42%
July 947,688 23.57%
August 839,787 20.89%
September 663,651 16.51%
October 223,777 5.57%
November 14,323 0.36%
December 20,434 0.51%

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