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nearly all day. For the first time in my life I slept out in the open air. during the night it rained a little but not enough to wet us to any extent. got up early enough in the morning to get our Breakfast, & commence photograping as soon as the sun rose. The outlet of the lake is through an immense gorge in the Mountains bordered with great cliffs & peaks of Limestone some of them isolated & forming spendid foreground Material for pictures. sketched but little but worked hard with the photographer selecting points to be taken & e. Felt used up about 12 O clock & started back to the camping ground where we prepared our dinner & rested an hour

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Jackson got 13 negatives during the day. which considering the difficulties quite a feat I think. started Back for camp at 3½ Oclock. clouds began to gather & a rain set in in the Mts all around us but did not fall heavily on us. Jackson's pack mule & traps got pretty well shaken up in the return by having to force a passage between trees not wide enough apart to allow free passage of the pack. when about half way back Dixons horse got his foot fast between two fallen trees & in his frantic efforts to extricate himself he struck Dixon who had dismounted to help him square on the top of the head with his fore foot, peeling his scalp & hurting him considerably. The view from

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