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White Sands National Park, a place like no other on earth, is a marvel to study, experience, and explore. This page will link you to many resources to help you learn about the natural and cultural resources, management, education programs, and park partners.
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Are you interested in learning more about what is happening at White Sands or looking for high quality images of the park? If so, you have found the page with current information about park news and pictures. You can also connected to our social media sites like Facebook to stay informed about White Sands National Park.
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Photos & Multimedia
In an increasingly digital and connected age, we hope to provide you with media that will inspire your future adventures and inform your experience at White Sands. Check out the sights and sounds of our dunefield in the photos, videos, and podcasts below.
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History & Culture
Did you know that this vast expanse of land, known as the Tularosa Basin, has attracted people for over 10,000 years? From atlatls to missiles, the glistening gypsum dunefield of White Sands has witnessed the steady advancement of human history, technology, and engineering. For thousands of years the people have called this place home.
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Like a mirage, dazzling white sand dunes shimmer in the tucked-way Tularosa Basin in southern New Mexico. They shift and settle over the Chihuahuan Desert, covering 275 square miles—the largest gypsum dunefield in the world. White Sands National Park preserves more than half of this oasis, its shallow water supply, and the plants and animals living here.
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From our unique wildlife to our fascinating geology, there are many opportunities for your students to learn. You are welcome to bring your class to the park or check out our loan materials and ready-made lesson plans.
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Kids & Youth
Learn about White Sands through fun online activities. Here you can also find information on our junior ranger program and adventure packs.
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White Sands National Park protects the world’s largest geologically unique gypsum dunefield and the flora and fauna living within it. Our goal is to provide educational, research, and recreational opportunities compatible with the protection of the resources and maintenance of the solitude and silence of the dunes. Learn more about the personnel, legislation, and finances that help us achieve this goal.

Last updated: January 20, 2022

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