Maps provide an overall mental picture of where you are located and what is around you. Most maps show you key characteristics of the place you are visiting, which will allow you to better plan your trip, such as the locations of visitor centers, trails, restrooms, and picnic tables. Whether you are just looking for the map of Dunes Drive or looking for a more detailed map of White Sands, such as the aerial map, the following publications will allow you to learn more about the location and size of the park.
Illustration of the park map.

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White Sands National Park official map. Includes a map with dunes drive within the context of the park's boundaries. The map includes the San Andres Mountains, which lie to the west of the park, and Lake Lucero in the southwestern corner. The green line indicates the boundary of the national park.
Cropped image of a portion of Dunes Drive map.

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Dunes Drive Map
An enlarged view of Dunes Drive, this map includes locations of trailheads and parking areas, as well as the distance to each location from the visitor center. All parking areas are indicated in gray. Special use areas needing permits are indicated with a white circle.

Last updated: September 10, 2022

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