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What's Open? What's Closed?


  • The restrooms outside the Visitor Center are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • The Visitor Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. An entrance pass is required to recreate at Whiskeytown. Passes are available at the Visitor Center or online at
  • Most Trails have reopened since the 2018 Carr Fire but some remain closed due to dangerous conditions. See the chart below for the current trail status..
  • All Picnic Areas have reopened.
  • Brandy Creek Beach (walk-in only during winter), Oak Bottom Beach, and East Beach are open. Whiskey Creek Group Picnic Area Beach is open but only accessible by walk-in or boat-in.
  • Some trails, primitive campgrounds, and primitive roadways remain closed due to the Carr Fire. This fire burned 97% of the park and over 100 structures within Whiskeytown in 2018. It was the most destructive fire in the history of the National Park System. Brandy Creek Falls Trail is closed to all forms of recreation, and Shasta Bally Road is closed to vehicles at this time.

Current Status of Park Roads
Please be advised that roads in the park are occasionally subject to closure on short notice due to special events, maintenance, weather conditions, or fires.
Also please note that when roads are closed to vehicles, they are still open for non-motorized recreation (hiking, running, mountain biking, horseback riding).




Highway 299


The highway is suitable for any type of passenger vehicle, motorcycle, and trailers. Do not speed and please be alert while driving on the highway and be prepared for turning and slow-moving vehicles - fatal accidents occur on Highway 299 within the park every single year.

South Fork Mountain Road

Open during Hunting Season

Open to non-motorized recreation year-round. Open for driving for hunting access from the third Saturday in August to the fourth Sunday in December. The gate is closed and locked the rest of the year. South Fork Mountain Road is a narrow, winding, gravel roadway, with expansive views on clear days towards the top of the mountain.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Drive


The road is suitable for any type of passenger vehicle, motorcycle, and trailers. Kennedy Memorial Drive may be closed at the dam during winter storms. This roadway is paved.

Whiskey Creek Road


The road is paved to the boat launch and picnic area. After the bridge, the road is gravel, narrow, and winding.

Paige Bar Road


The road is suitable for any type of passenger vehicle, motorcycle, and trailers. This road is paved from Kennedy Memorial Drive to Whiskeytown Environmental School, and gravel thereafter.

Crystal Creek Road

(Subject to temporary winter weather closures)

The paved section of this narrow, winding roadway stretches from Highway 299 to the James K. Carr (Whiskeytown Falls) Trailhead. Above the Carr Trailhead, the road is closed to vehicles and becomes dirt and gravel and much more primitive.

South Shore Drive

Open (Subject to temporary winter weather closures)

This scenic, six-mile stretch of unpaved road is steep, narrow, and winding. Drive with caution and drive slow, as there are many blind curves.

Brandy Creek Road

Open (Subject to temporary winter weather closures)

This is a narrow, winding, gravel roadway leading to Brandy Creek Primitive Campground, Sheep Camp Primitive Campground, Brandy Creek Falls Trailhead, and Shasta Bally Road.

Mill Creek Road


This steep, narrow, winding, gravel roadway is actually suitable for all types of passenger vehicles.

Shasta Bally Road

Closed to vehicles for the winter

Closed to vehicles except telecommunication contractors and park staff. This is a steep, narrow, winding gravel roadway. Open to non-motorized recreation.

Peltier Valley Road

(See Details)

From Paige Bar Road, Peltier Valley Road is open to vehicles as far as Peltier Bridge Primitive Campground. From Brandy Creek Road, Peltier Valley Road is open to Kanaka Peak Trailhead. Peltier Valley Road is a narrow, winding, steep, gravel roadway.

Mule Town Road


High clearance recommended for this narrow, winding, gravel roadway. Drive slowly, as there are several blind curves.


Current Status of Boat Launches

  • Whiskey Creek Boat Launch = Open
  • Brandy Creek Marina Boat Launch = Open
  • Oak Bottom Boat Launch = Closed

Last updated: May 23, 2024

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