Burial Record of Padre Kino

Burial Record of Padre Kino

Year 1711

Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino
On the 15th of March, at a little before midnight and in receipt of the Holy Sacraments, Father Eusebio Francisco Quino died with great tranquility and edification in this house and village of Santa María Magdalena. He was seventy years of age and had been the missionary at Nuestra Señora de los Dolores for nearly twenty-four years. It was founded by the same Father, who worked unwearyingly in continuous pilgrimages and conversions in all of this Pimería. He discovered the Casa Grande, the Gila and Colorado Rivers, and the Indian nations of the Cocomaricopas and the Yumas and the Guicamaspa of the Island. Resting in the Lord, he is buried in a coffin in this chapel of San Francisco Xavier on the Gospel side where the second and third foundation stones are laid down. He was of the German nation from the province that belongs to Baveria, having been a missionary and cosmographer in the Californias before coming to the Pimería, during the time of Admiral Don Isidro de Otondo.
Agustín de Campos, IHS

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