The Childhood of a Renowned President

This is the boyhood home of the first U.S. president to be born in New York City. Raised in a townhouse at 28 E. 20th St., Theodore Roosevelt would grow up to be our 26th President and become immortalized on Mount Rushmore. However, he started life as a sickly yet bright boy who exercised to improve his health and began a lifelong passion for the "strenuous life."

An 1879 map of the Gramercy Park area.

Directions and Transportation

It can be easy to get lost in New York City. So, check out our 'Directions and Transportation' page to learn the best ways to get here,

Theodore Roosevelt's trademark smile.

He always had a story to tell.

Theodore Roosevelt had many adventures and stories to tell, but have you heard these?

'Teddy Doodle' by Koppler

An Array of T.R. Political Cartoons

Theodore Roosevelt was beloved by political cartoonists who created lighthearted lampoons of his many pursuits.

Find your national parks around NYC with these apps for iPhone and Android.

Find your national parks around NYC.

Visitors can now download three free apps to help you visit national parks, with 23 different locations, throughout New York Harbor.

‘The Roosevelts- An Intimate History’- A PBS documentary.

Wait…we’re in this film.

You may have seen the PBS documentary, ‘The Roosevelts- An Intimate History’. Did you know that much of the first episode was filmed here?

National Park Passes are no longer available at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace.

Sorry, park passes no longer issued here

We regret that as of May 1, 2015, National Park Passes are no longer issued from Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, but here are ways to get one

Last updated: May 27, 2018

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